After School & Other Classes

Website25With a part-time school schedule, many of our students pursue extra-curricular interests in the evenings or on off-days. Some of our students are involved with club sports, instrumental music, scouting, etc.

Though we do not offer separate art or music classes during our school day, we incorporate artistic and musical elements into most activities within our classrooms and throughout the project-based curriculum.

Open to the Community

Unless otherwise noted, homeschool and other non-AHB students are welcome to register for these programs as well.

About Outside Contractors *

AHB Community School works with individuals to provide different classes to our community. When a student registers for a class with an outside contractor, parents pay the contractor directly. The contractor is also responsible for your student once they have signed into the class.

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Monday-Thursdays: Early Drop Off (All Ages • AHB students only • 8:00-9:00 • full year)

For those parents needing an earlier drop-off, we offer the option to drop off students at 8:00 am before classes start!

Cost: $850 for the full year, $425 per semester, $150 per day per semester, $300 per day for the year, and $10 drop-in rate.

Monday-Thursdays: Fresh Air Fun / Study Hall (all ages • AHB students only • after school, 2:30-3:30 • full year)

Run around outside with a few dozen of your best friends! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 6 and older get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Your child can get this after school on the AHB playground. Parent supervised.

Cost: $850 for the full year, $425 per semester, $150 per day per semester, $300 per day for the year, and $10 drop-in rate.

Mondays: Monday Lab (Alpha-Beta / K-3rd graders • 9:00-2:30 • full year)

For the 2018-2019 school year, Alpha and Beta teachers are offering a Monday program that aligns with the weekly classroom curriculum. Monday Lab will no longer be a standalone program for 2018-19. Instead, the Alpha and Beta students will meet in their respective classrooms for learning experiences that align with the core programs. This is an excellent opportunity for Alpha and Beta students to enjoy additional time exploring thematic learning along with additional practice time with writing, reading, and math and PnP support if needed.

We need at least 6 students in each class (Alpha and Beta) to make it a go, so SIGN UP and ENJOY this terrific addition to our school offerings!

Cost: $1,600 for the full year + $100 supply fee. Offered and directly billed by AHB. No refunds after class is charged.

Mondays: World Connect (Gamma and Delta • 2:30-4:00 • Fall Semester)

This class is part of a larger organization called World Connect U.S. In this after school class, the group of students will choose a specific project in a different area of the world to aid in international development. We will look at creative ways of fundraising, reviewing grant applications, and dive deeper into how grants are written and drafting a budget. Through this experience, students will develop a greater understanding of geography, languages, culture and socio-economic issues, as well as a deep appreciation for core philanthropic principles. Students should join if they are interested in gaining meaningful, hands-on experience in promoting sustainable development around the world; Gammas and Deltas and will be taught by Ms. Lindsey.

Cost: $300 per semester. Class requires a minimum of six enrolled students. Offered and directly billed by AHB. No refunds after class is charged.

Mondays: Introduction to Scratch Programming for Gamma and Delta (Gamma-Delta/ 4th-8th graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester)

Learn how ​to create programs using MIT’s Scratch programming language for kids. Students need to supply their own laptop & be comfortable with keyboarding and basic computer usage.  

Gammas and Deltas only; Cost: $300 per semester, Class, requires a minimum of six enrolled students and is capped at eight students. Offered and directly billed by AHB. No refunds after class is charged.

Tuesdays: Fashion (Beta-Delta / 2nd-8th graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester)

This class with Ms. Kristen is for students who enjoy expressing themselves through fashion and art. This is a hands on class where students will create inspiration boards, learn different fashion illustration techniques, explore fabric creation and printing, learn simple sewing techniques and more!

Betas, Gammas, Deltas only. Cost: $300 per semester + $50 supply fee. Offered and directly billed by AHB. Class requires minimum of six enrolled students.  No refunds after class is charged.

Tuesdays: Ziggy’s Palace (Alpha-Beta / K-3rd graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester ) *

Last year’s Storytime Dance has evolved into Ziggy’s Palace. With such an amazing group of imaginative children, I let them take more of the reins telling stories through movement. We will continue along that vein this year.  The group will help decide the stories to tell, then a playlist is created; From their the telling begins through movement. As the teacher I guide them to use their bodies, teach them movement vocabulary and keep them on task. I do put in a bit of choreography for them to learn as well. All aspects of theater are approached: make-up, costumes, staging and performing.

Cost: $300 per semester. Offered and directly billed by Ms. Eve. Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30. Sign up here:

Tuesdays: Archery (All Ages • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester) *

Why archery? Focus, strength, relaxation, exercise, confidence, coordination—these are all part of archery. Tim and Marisa Pullan are a husband/wife team that enjoy bringing archery opportunities to children in and around Central Texas.

Cost: $300 per semester. Offered and directly billed by TMTE Archery. Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30. Sign up by contacting: A minimum of 15 students are needed for this class to run.

Wednesdays: Dungeons & Dragons (Gamma-Delta / 4th-8th graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester) *

Ms. Dee leads the Fall Semester Dungeons & Dragons at AHB in open-ended, collaborative storytelling. The game unfolds over a series of once-a-week meetings to complete a single semester-long campaign, with weekly sessions becoming chapters in the longer story. Participants create and decide on the actions of their individual player characters (PCs), each representing an explorer in our co-created fictional world. Your D&D playing child will practise a wide variety of social and academic skills: leadership, logic, basic arithmetic and probability, mapping, creative problem solving, collaboration and most importantly, imagination… with absolutely no screen time involved! (Gammas and Deltas and capped at 8 students)

Cost: $300 per semester + $10 supply fee. Offered and directly billed by Ms. Dee. Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30. Class capped at 12 students. Sign up by emailing Ms. Dee at

Wednesdays: Sewing Club (ages 6 and up • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester) *

Sewing Club will continue in the fall with a new twist – students will learn and continue to hone their hand sewing and machine sewing skills by building their own menagerie of sewn animals! From snakes and whales to bears and sloths, students will learn to combine sewing patterns with their own unique designs to create a one-of-a-kind collection of creatures for their home.

Open to students 6+, age 5 with teacher recommendation,Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30, Limited capacity of 8 students. Cost: $300 per student, Fall semester, Email: for registration.

Wednesdays: Math Pentathlon (Alpha-Beta / K-3rd graders • 2:30-3:30 • full year)

Math Pentathlon Club is a an opportunity to spend time playing the Math Pentathlon games, a set of five math/strategy games that are also played in the classroom. Most kids find that these games are a lot of fun and they are a great way to get kids thinking quantitatively and to enjoy using the strategic parts of their brains. As an additional option for those who are interested, this club will help kids prepare for the Math Pentathlon tournament.

Please read our dedicated page for more details about Math Pentathlon Club.

Cost: $150 for the full year, which includes tournament registration and a team t-shirt. Parents who sign their student up are required to volunteer every 2-3 weeks to help kids learn the games and to have a good time (no previous knowledge or experience required!) Please note this class will not follow the standard schedule as other class offerings; we will meet weekly from mid-September through early April. Parent and volunteer run and billed by AHB. Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the volunteer at 2:30. Sign up using the form linked at the bottom of our Math Pentathlon Club page.

Thursdays: Art Club (Alpha-Gamma / K-5th graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester)

Join Ms Alice and Ms Kristen while we explore the world of 2D and 3D art. We will create imaginative and fun projects while exploring how to use different many different types of art materials. Students will have a blast developing their skills and gain creative confidence.

Offered to: Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma age students. Minimum requirement of 12 kids. Cost: $300 per semester with a $50 supply fee.

Thursdays: Harry Potter Role Playing Game (All Ages [See Note] • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester) *

Beginning this fall, Ms. Dee offers a new role-playing game (RPG). Players have the opportunity to receive their acceptance letter to Hogwarts School, be sorted into Houses, take all First Year classes, master the year’s spells/potions/broomstick work, and (most importantly) find adventures in this amazing wizarding world. This tabletop RPG requires only a love of magic, mystery and mischief. New role players are welcome. NOTE: Reading and writing independently is required.

Cost: $300 + $15 supply fee; 8 students maximum. Offered and directly billed by Ms. Dee. Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30. Sign up by emailing Ms. Dee at

Thursdays: Kitchen Chemistry (Gamma-Delta / 4th-8th graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester)

Learn how science and food interact as fantastic food creations and delicious oddities are made in front of your eyes! Each student is chef & scientist as they explore the crazy world of how amazing foods are made.

Gammas and Deltas only; Limit 6, Cost: $300 per semester + $50 supply fee. Offered and directly billed by AHB. Class requires minimum of six enrolled students. No refunds after class is charged.

Thursdays: Intro to Scratch Programming for Alpha and Beta (Alpha-Beta / K-3rd graders • 2:30-3:30 • Fall Semester)

This class with David Hayes (Julian’s dad) is for students interested in learning to get the computer to do what they tell it to do, the way it should be. We’ll be exploring how to think like a programmer using the visual programming environment called Scratch, from the MIT media lab. As long as your child is a strong reader we’ll get them programming!

Cost: $50 towards buying the school a Chromebook. Maximum ten students. Please bring a laptop! Class will held at AHB, but students will be signed over to the contractor at 2:30.

Friday: Hermes Lab (Alpha-Gamma / K-4th graders • 9:00-2:30 • half or full year) *

Pack your bags, grab your passport, and let’s travel the world together! Each week, a student from the class will choose a destination from across the world, and we will spend the day learning about the location’s geography and culture. From latitude, longitude, and climate; to language, history, art, music, food, current events, native flora & fauna, and traditions – we will dive into hands-on projects, experiments, crafts, science lessons, and insightful discussions to learn about what this world has to offer. Students will gain skills in geography, reading maps, and estimation; in addition to gaining a wonderful sense of world cultures, people from across the globe, and how different life can be from a tropical island and the skyscrapers of Dubai to the rice farms of Indonesia and the outback of Australia.

REGISTRATION: Register online at The Hermes Lab website.

Friday: Game of Village (Gamma-Delta / 4th-8th graders • 9:00-3:00 • full year) *

In Village 2018-19 we’ll travel through time and space to imagine and create a village set in the Middle Ages, circa 1300’s; the land of kings and queens, knights and knaves, explorers and common folk. We’ll explore the history, culture, science and technologies of this fascinating era, while building our own scale model village, enjoying hours of delicious crafting and running our own local economy and government. Who knows what adventures await us?

Village begins with the making of “Peeps,” tiny 3″ avatars created by the Villagers (your children), each Peep has its own personality and life story. Peeps will want a home, a new hat or a chariot; Villagers are eager to oblige them! But first a bank loan must be applied for (how else to buy building and crafting materials from the local, Villager run Trading Post?). Some Villagers may be entrepreneurial, starting their own businesses; others may choose a more conventional route and apply for a job at the Village Bank, Trading Post, Post Office or Accountant’s office and earn a regular paycheck. There are many ways for Villagers to earn income and learn how to manage time, resources and money!  Along the way, Villagers may discover the need for government. Will they legislate laws? Levy taxes? The Villagers themselves will determine everything, and there is just no knowing what turn Village will take!

Village is real life on a 1/24 scale, providing young people the opportunity to practice a wide range of real life skills within the context of a game. Village is about de-mystifying the adult world through play. It’s about designing, building, crafting and problem-solving. It’s also about collaboration, entrepreneurship, networking, personal finances and politics. Imagination rules and anything is possible..

Please visit our website, for more details and registration information, or contact us at