Friday Extension

Friday Extension provides the option for middle school students to extend their school week with deeper learning and broader experiences. These experiences will include:


Students will enter at least one local, state, or national competition. For example, Austin Regional Science Festival, 3M Young Scientist Challenge, or Scholastic Art & Writing Award. These competitions will challenge and excite students, inspire creativity, build confidence and help develop self discipline.


Ambassadors from local schools and professionals in our community will give guest lectures to help provide students with a diversity of experiences. The goal of these lectures is to spark interest in our students and help guide them in future decisions.

Community Service

Community service will provide students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and have a lasting, positive impact on society at large.

Independent Study

Students will dive deep into a topic of their choosing and showcase their work during Portfolios on Parade. Each student will be given guidance by their teacher, but allowed the freedom to develop the study skills and learning methods that best suits them.

Peer Tutoring

Students will be given time to complete Projects and Practice, and participate in peer to peer tutoring.