Math Pentathlon Club

Math Pentathlon Club

The Math Pentathlon program is a set of games and instructional activities supporting them that are designed to help kids enjoy math and to think strategically. The nationally recognized STEM curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding and the integration of spatial, computational and logical reasoning.

At AHB, our Math Pentathlon Club emphasizes discovering new strategies, communicating them with your team, exhibiting good sportsmanship and having fun! Our weekly practices teach the rules of the games and problem solving strategies and allow plenty of time for students to play these fun and challenging games together. Students participating in the club will be prepared to attend the optional Regional Math Pentathlon Tournaments that happen each spring.

Math Pentathlon Scope

Math Pentathlon scope

From the Math Pentathlon website:
How Does The Mathematics Pentathlon® Program Help My Child?

  • Subtracts boredom and adds excitement to learning math
  • Benefits student achievement
  • Turns kids on to problem solving & critical reasoning skills
  • Develops creative thinking
  • Reinforces basic concepts & skills
  • Aligns with STEM and State & National Standards

Why are games a good way to learn and enjoy math?

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