Math Pentathlon Club

The Math Pentathlon program is not meeting for the forseeable future due to COVID-19.

The Math Pentathlon program is a set of games that are designed to help kids enjoy math and to think strategically.  Our private school program particularly emphasizes discovering new strategies and sharing them with your team, good sportsmanship and having fun! Our practices will help the kids learn the games in detail and to prepare for the Math Pentathlon tournament in the spring, which is a welcoming environment that encourages hard work and having fun.

You do not need to be an AHB Community School student to join our club.  Students who are homeschooled or who attend other schools are welcome.

Math Pentathlon scope

From the Math Pentathlon website:
How Does The Mathematics Pentathlon® Program Help My Child?

  • Subtracts boredom and adds excitement to learning math
  • Benefits student achievement
  • Turns kids on to problem solving & critical reasoning skills
  • Develops creative thinking
  • Reinforces basic concepts & skills
  • Aligns with STEM and State & National Standards

Why are games a good way to learn and enjoy math?

Read this article on Alt Ed Austin: Learning (and loving) math through games

Does my child have to go to tournament if they are in the club?

No, but we highly encourage everyone to try the tournament at least once!

  1. It’s exciting to go and play the games and receive recognition for your efforts
  2. It’s a lot of fun to go spend the time at tournament with your math pentathlon team
  3. There are some great interpersonal skills that they get to practice in terms of how the tournament is set up and empowers them
  4. Not to mention that you’ve already paid for it!

When and Where?

Math pentathlon club will meet at AHB Community School’s private school Austin campus after school on Wednesdays beginning mid-September and going until mid-April. Exact dates will be sent out once we know the tournament dates, which are usually on a Saturday in April. Division I includes students in K–1st grade, Division II includes 2nd–3rd graders and Division III includes 4th–5th graders.  The tournaments for each division are on different dates.

How Much Does It Cost?

$150 for the entire year, which includes your registration for the tournament and your team T-shirt.   It also costs some of your time!  Because we need a lot of adults around in order to make sure that practices run smoothly, parents are required to volunteer 4 times in the fall on our private school campus and 4 times in the spring or send a substitute (we’ll use SignUpGenius to coordinate who is volunteering when).   If you do not meet your volunteer requirement, your child may not be able to attend and participate in practices so that we can have good adult/child ratios and make sure that everyone has a great experience.  In addition, parents are required to volunteer at the tournament or send a substitute if their child attends.

Need More Information?

Please contact Mandy Menzer at for questions.