Application Process


We are committed to finding the right fit for your student and your family.

The following steps are the typical process each family goes through for admissions with our school. We know it can be overwhelming and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Browse the Website

Much of what you will want to know about our school, our curriculum, and our community is present throughout the pages of this website.  Basic information about dates, times, cost, philosophy, faculty & staff, etc. will help you see if the school fits your needs.

Prospective Parent Tour

Prospective Parent Sessions for the upcoming school year typically begin in mid September and continue through April (if enrollment space allows). In these information sessions, prospective parents will meet the Head of School, learn about the Progressive Education model AHB follows, ask questions, and tour the school to get a feel for the campus and classrooms. To RSVP and see upcoming dates: Request a tour here.

Please note that we are exclusively conducting virtual tours at this time due to COVID-19.

Submit Application Paperwork

If AHB Community School seems like the right choice for you, proceed to filling out our application for admission.

Additionally, families should request a Teacher Evaluation form be submitted on your child’s behalf. Students with formal education background should get these evaluations from their most recent classroom teacher. (Students applying to the upper grades will need 2 teacher evaluations–one from a math teacher and the second one from a reading/ELA teacher.) Students without formal school background can ask any non-family adult who has an understanding of your student’s academic and/or social emotional learning abilities to complete the form (ex: music teachers, coaches, etc.).

Finally, students coming to us from a formal school background must submit a copy of the most recent annual report card.

Attend a Parent Interview 

Once we have received all application paperwork and fees, the Head of School will contact you to schedule a parent interview. We recommend that both parents attend this meeting, and, if at all possible, children not accompany you. This is an opportunity for the adults to get to know one another — ask questions about our school and have a conversation about your child and family, so that both parties can get a good feel for whether AHB would be a good fit.

Schedule Student’s Day Visit and Assessment

If AHB seems like a potential fit for the family, we’ll schedule a student day visit. During this visit, your child gets to know our school and the teachers get to know your child, both socially, by watching them interact with peers, and academically, through low-pressure assessments. Visits are ½ days for potential K-1 students, and 1 or 2 full days for older students. Most children love the day visits as it is a chance to meet and get to know their potential future friends and teachers. Our current students and teachers are well versed in welcoming visiting students and helping them to jump right into the action!

Await Admission Decision

Admission decisions are two fold. First, we must determine whether we believe AHB would be a good fit school for you child, and second, we need to confirm whether there will be space in the given classroom.

After your child’s day visit, the teachers and Head of School will conference and make a determination on whether we believe our school is a good fit for your child. We make these decisions based on how well we feel our school could serve your child, in the classroom for which she or he is potentially slated. (In other words, we look not only at individual applicants, but also the current or expected population of that classroom and how the group will likely function.) We aim to make and communicate this important decision as quickly as possible. 

If available space is definite, the family will be asked to confirm (or reject) the admission offer and begin the enrollment process. If available space is uncertain, families will be formally offered admission in the spring when/if it becomes available. This is typical in grades 1-5, where classes are generally at capacity and open spaces are dependent on the re-enrollment of current families. (Current families must re-enroll by the first of March so that new families can be then offered spots by the first of April.) 

Throughout the process, our communication strives to be clear, upfront, and helpful for your family to make a decision whether to accept or reject an offer.


If you accept the offer of admission to AHB Community School, we’ll send a timeline and appropriate information about the registration and enrollment of your student as soon as possible.

Please note that AHB Community School is committed to providing the best educational experience for our students. Though we welcome a diverse group of students, AHB is not staffed to meet the needs of children who have behavioral or educational differences for which specially-trained teachers or extensive one-on-one assistance is necessary. Successful AHB candidates generally have needs that can be accommodated within the classroom, can work with peers in a constructive manner, and are able to exercise an age-appropriate level of independence.