Application Process


We are committed to finding the right fit for your student and your family.

The following steps are the typical process each family goes through for admissions with our school. We know it can be overwhelming and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Browse the Website

Much of what you will want to know about our school, our curriculum, & our community is present throughout the pages of this website.  Basic information about dates, times, cost, philosophy, faculty & staff, etc. will help you see if the school fits your needs.

Prospective Parent Tour

A great way to get a sense of the day to day feel of the campus is to put one of our bimonthly Prospective Parent Tours into your schedule.  Meet the Executive Director, learn about and ask questions regarding the Progressive Education model AHB follows, take a peek at our current facilities, and get to see learning in action by short visits to the classrooms. Request a tour here.

Think About It… Then Fill Out an Application

After you’ve visited, take some time to compare and contrast AHB with other potential options for your student.  There are so many schools in Austin, offering a variety of models and communities, that might be a better fit.  If you are interested in something besides what we offer, let us know and we’ll try to direct you to one of our colleagues in the area.

If AHB Community School seems like the right choice for you, proceed to filling out our application for admission.

Teacher Evaluation Form

Your student has likely encountered other formal or informal educators, and we want to hear from them! This Teacher Evaluation Form can be sent to any non-family adults that have an understanding of your student’s academic and/or social emotional learning abilities.

Parent Interview

After all of the various forms and applications are returned to our office (via email or snail mail), a Parenting Partner Interview is scheduled. There are three goals for this adults-only meeting:

  1. To answer any questions you may still have about the school.
  2. To discuss, broadly, the potential successes and challenges your student might have in our school.
  3. To collaborate on establishing a plan for a successful day visit for your student, if the fit seems good at this point.

We strive to include all parenting partners of prospective students, a current parent of the school, and the Executive Director present at all Parent Interviews in order to best accomplish the goals above.

Day Visit

If the Parent Interview is successful, we’ll schedule a time for your student to visit the prospective class that they might join the following year. This day is a chance for our teachers to do an informal academic evaluation (authentic and without pressure just like the rest of our assessment culture) whilst observing interactions with peers, ability to be a responsible member of the community, and physical and academic stamina throughout the day.  Most students love the day visits as its a chance to see their potential future friends and teachers and have a great time jumping right into the action.

Notification of Admission

If all goes well, we will be in touch with a preliminary admissions decision within a week. These usually come in the form of a conditional acceptance based on our projections of availability of space in a given class at that moment, appropriateness of fit, or potential areas to address.  The communication strives to be clear, upfront, and helpful for your family to make a decision whether to accept, reject, or wait for further information.


If you accept the offer of admission to AHB Community School, we’ll send a timeline and appropriate information about the registration and enrollment of your student as soon as possible.