Board of Directors

wendyWendy Salome (President) has been an active and involved member of the AHB Community since 2008. With several other families, she and her husband, Nick, started BrewFest – now AHB’S signature gala fundraiser, Austin Home Brew Festival. They are also proud hosts of the AHB Skate Party every year. After helping in various capacities in her early years, Wendy took the plunge and joined the board in 2012, serving as Secretary and Treasurer.

Wendy’s eclectic background in Radio-Television-Film, Psychology, and Physical Therapy have taken her through a variety of occupations working with people of all ages.

Wendy and Nick have 2 kids who have enjoyed many years of learning at AHB.

IMG_4210 - Version 2Ashli Pate (Secretary) has been an AHB parent since her daughter Ella (now a 3rd year Gamma) joined the Alpha class in the fall of 2012. Ashli and her husband Ed chose AHB because it was the perfect fit for their family – allowing them to be very involved in their child’s education and the school community, while having the comfort and confidence of knowing that Ella is being guided by teachers who are enthusiastic, creative, and nurturing of every child in their classroom. AHB has been a true gift to their family.

Professionally, Ashli has 15 years of experience in women’s and public health, working in both non-profit and local government settings – developing and implementing programs and training tools, writing policy and procedure, managing staff, and serving as the IT liaison between the developers and end users. Ashli served on the parent-run AHB volunteer IT team for the last 4 years, and joined the board in March of 2015. Her current board term ends in September of 2018. Ashli feels passionately about AHB and enjoys serving on the board to help AHB become its best self!

J.P. Lund is the father of sixth-year AHB student and Gamma Gabe, and to six-year AHB alumnus and current Four Points Middle Schooler Max. J.P. is currently a practicing attorney focused on litigation and governmental relations in education, employment, family, and the general practice of law. J.P. grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has lived in the Austin area for the last sixteen years, during which he earned his J.D. from U.T. Law School, after five years in Berkeley where he received his degrees in math. J.P. is serving his sixth year on the AHB Board.

Dan GillotteDan Gillotte is Jojo’s dad. Jojo, a third year Gamma, has spent her whole school career at AHB and our family has been so appreciative of the school.

Dan has experience on multiple boards including currently serving on food co-op organization boards of the National Co-op Grocers and the Co-op Grocers Network, a founding board member of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, and former board member of the Vegetarian Network of Austin.

Dan has a BFA in painting from Maine College of Art.

Dallas DickinsonDallas Dickinson (Treasurer)  is the father of Fletcher (Beta) and Louisa (Alpha). He is deeply committed to AHB’s unique brand of progressive education, and loves being part of a community that values emotional education as highly as it does academic achievement. He and his family value project-based learning, collaboration, flexibility and autonomy as core principles for students and adults alike to master.

Dallas holds an AB from Princeton University, where he studied English and Theater/Dance. In his free time, he is the founder and CEO of QC Games, a local independent video game developer. Dallas previously was the lead producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic and several other massively multiplayer online games.

Alexa CorbettAlexa Corbett (Secretary) found AHB when her oldest son, Liam, was starting Kindergarten. He is now in his second year in the Beta class and little brother, Colin, is a second year Alpha. Alexa homeschools three future-AHBers in preschool.

Alexa has a master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on teaching in urban areas. She spent five years teaching in Baltimore City, where she specialized in reading instruction. Teaching in the public school system inspired her to seek alternative methods of education for her children. Alexa feels like AHB, with its focus on community, creativity and project-based instruction, is the perfect fit for her family’s needs.

When she isn’t at home teaching and playing with her five kids, Alexa and her husband, Billy, enjoy renovating old homes. They are currently working on their fourth project, a 1909 four square.

Raj TavadiaRaj Tavadia lived in Queens, NY for nearly 40 years before deciding sunshine and tacos were more important to him than subways and bagels (though he really does miss bagels.) A nerd from long before it was cool, he is a freelance technical consultant, specializing in web development and graphic design.

He and his wife Cassandra had intended to homeschool their son, but on further reflection realized that he would be far better served, in both an educational and social sense, in a progressive school environment. During an exhaustive survey of Austin alternative schools, they were delighted to find AHB. Finally: an affordable, nonreligious private school in Austin that was “alternative” not because of how many donkeys were kept in the yard, but by its approach to a modern, academically rigorous education. When touring the school, Raj and Cassandra were impressed by the staff’s warmth and wisdom, but were most stricken by the students’ self-confidence, self-direction, and mutual respect. Their son, now in his third year at AHB, has flourished.

Peter Nuernberg and his wife Svetlana have two AHB children (Alexander, second year Alpha and Andrew, incoming first year Alpha). Both Peter and Svetlana are former educators and have experience teaching using a variety of pedagogical approaches, including problem-based learning. They chose AHB for their children because the philosophy of the school matches well with their own philosophies and experiences of teaching.

Peter holds a PhD in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and taught for 15 years in the US, Denmark, and Austria. He owns his own software consultancy, has worked for non-profits, and has spent the last several years managing teams of engineers and researchers at a variety of technology startups. He is currently the Vice-President of Development at Clockwork Solutions.

Kim Longacre
Kim Longacre
(Teacher Representative) Kim received her B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin. She started teaching in 1983 at Athena Montessori School, one of the original pre-schools in Austin. She and Joe McDermott founded The Phoenix School in 1985, where Kim served as both the director and as a teacher. Kim has 5 sons who have kept her delighted, inspired and a true believer in life-long learning! Kim created summer camps through The Life Empowerment Center, where she designed curriculum and taught students how their brains work and how learning happens.

In 2007 she started teaching at AHBCS in the Alpha room teaching math, science, social studies, Monday Science Lab and all after school classes – ranging from portrait drawing to Greek history, from theatre to intro to music!

In the summer of 2010, Kim became the director of education for HealthStart Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to create healthy communities starting with early childhood education. Her main accomplishment with HealthStart was writing 9 volumes of curriculum!

Kim returned to AHB in 2013 and is thrilled to be back in the classroom singing and creating with students, alongside inspiring, supportive teachers, administrators and parents.

IRS Form 990

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