Board of Directors – Details

The primary responsibility of the AHB Board of Directors is to govern AHB Community School in alignment with its mission as a private school and within the constraints of its by-laws.

Examples of Critical Board Duties

  • Develops a strategic plan and articulates goals and objectives for the private school
  • Sets policy for the private school
  • Adopts the budget
  • Adopts an overall fundraising plan
  • Authorizes capital expenditures
  • Serves as an arbiter of inter-organizational conflicts
  • Evaluates, hires, and terminates the Head of School
  • Approves salary ranges for key positions in the private school
  • Bears the legal and financial responsibility for the private school

The Board of Directors is composed of…

  • 7 Elected Directors: Directors must be a member of the AHB community – usually parents of an AHB student (VOTING members)
  • 1–2 Appointed Teacher Representatives: Selected by fellow teachers (VOTING members)
  • 1 Appointed At-Large Director: May be someone inside or outside the AHB community (VOTING member)
  • 3 Ex Officio Directors: Head of School, Associate Director, most recent former Board President (non-voting)
  • Advisory Directors: Unlimited number (non-voting)

Board Elections are held in March. Officer roles are chosen in April. Community members who wish to join the board should express their interest to the liaison. Contact the liaison at:

Board Meetings are open to the AHB community. They are held monthly (August through May), on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM. Please check the calendar page to confirm specific Board Meeting dates and times.

The Board Parent Liaison strengthens relationships between AHB parents and the Board by facilitating informal communications as well as officially receiving parent grievances and reporting them to the Board.

Board Bylaws and Meeting Minutes can be found in the AHB Board of Directors folder (within the AHB Community Wide folder) on AHB’s Google Drive. Minutes are approved at the following month’s Board meeting.

Board Contact Information

All Board Members:

Board Parents only:

Board Parent Liaison: