Tuition Assistance

Make AHB even more affordable…

AHB Community School believes that a community of diverse families is better for all students.  To achieve this goal, we can provide a variety of tuition assistance options to help those families, who otherwise are a perfect fit for AHB but, who might not be able to afford it. Options range from scholarships, work/trade arrangements, sibling discounts, and employee tuition remission programs.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

FACTS Management, a division of Nelnet, Inc., makes quality education affordable for families and students, while supporting the financial stability of private institutions.

One way we do this is through our Grant & Aid Assessment service, which allows schools to award tuition assistance with confidence to the families who truly need it. We work with schools to create a custom application for families, so FACTS can collect the financial data that matters. This way, your school will have the most accurate picture possible to make award decisions it can be proud of.

You can apply on the FACTS website.

  • If you use FACTS Tuition Management, you may log in using the same credentials
  • Fill out and submit your online application. Note: A nonrefundable application fee may be required before your application is submitted.
  • Submit all required supporting documents by uploading online or faxing to 866-315-9264

FACTS Customer Care Representatives are available to assist you at 866-441-4637.