What is your Covid Policy?

Please read our COVID-19 plan.

Will I be homeschooling my child on his/her days off?

Given our condensed weekly and daily schedule, additional academic work should occur at home with the support of the family, but the majority of this work is supplied and guided by the teacher, through what we call Projects and Practice (P & P), so parents do not need to “homeschool” in the full sense of the word. Providing enrichment opportunities is, of course, always encouraged.

Is 15-20 hours/week enough to learn anything? (How do kids learn enough compared to traditional school?)

Between 25 students, standardized testing, institutional red tape, and the amounts of differentiation that can be present in a traditional classroom much of the time spent there is not on developing the academic and social/emotional skills of the student but just getting through the day.  Our students, with a focused program, support from their parents, an 11:1 student:teacher ratio, and high expectations/rigorous learning environment, achieve on par or beyond their peers in a more traditional school.

What is your attendance policy? (My family travels/My kid has health issues/etc)

As with most things in life, you get out of something what you put into it.  While there are no required amounts of time you are present for formal classes during the week, there is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement at AHB.  With that said, our flexible faculty and schedule allows for families to travel and attend to health issues in a way that is supported through customized assignments and assistance in developing programs for the duration of the absence at the parents’ request.

How do you support students with special needs?

As general practice, our micro school does not have the resources or capacity to handle students with serious manifestations of learning or behavior disorders and we do not admit such students.

However, many learning differences can be accommodated through our school simply due to our small student:teacher ratio, personalized attention, and flexible schedule allowing for outside assistance on non-school days.  If you’re interested in AHB and your student has learning needs that you are concerned about, please do not hesitate to contact us to have a conversation about whether we might be a good fit.

What curriculum do you use?

AHB does not have a one-size fits all philosophy or curriculum.  Instead, our faculty and staff find the best programs, projects, and assignments available to create a student-centered, inquiry-based, and project-driven model of authentic education.

What subjects will my child learn? (Will there be art/music/PE/technology?)

Our whole child approach to education focuses on rigorous education in language arts and math through an interdisciplinary and integrated way that embraces history and science as context and content. Students are encouraged to express themselves through the arts when doing project work. Physical Education is encouraged through daily recess and ritual/routine type exercises found in each classroom (yoga, radio exercises, etc). In the upper grades, using technological tools is taught and encouraged. The Arts, Coding, PE, and World Languages are also the types of after school classes regularly provided.

How do I know my child is learning without grades?

All students, parents, and teachers track progress towards goals using our Developmental Continuum (a listing of skills expected at the different developmental levels of children), Assessment Reports (narrative reports of students progress), end of semester portfolio presentations, regular communication between student/teacher/parent, and open collaboration with all stakeholders.  We strive for constant understanding of where our learners are and where they’re going.

What happens when my child graduates? Does he/she need grades to go to another school?

Our students go to some of the best high schools in the city. In the State of Texas all public schools are required to accept our assessment reports and transcripts as an accurate and satisfactory explanation of placement for transfer to their campus.  Other private schools in the Austin area already commonly use similar grading formats as AHB and have no difficulty in accepting students with our reports.  We provide a translation document, upon request, to schools who have difficulty deciphering our easy-to-read reports.

What is your discipline policy?

While discipline problems are few and far between at AHB, we use Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) to create a community of proactive, respectful, and supported students and staff.  These practices seek to identify, celebrate, and practice positive behavior in order to norm the expectations for students while using logical consequences when the occasional slip up occurs.

I work. Are there extended hour options?

Yes! Many families take advantage of our After School Options to fill out their day and week. Middle Years students have an optional 5th Day available to them.  And families who need more time often work with other AHB families to find and pool resources for carpooling, friday coops, special programs, etc.

Do you go year round? Do you offer summer programming?

We follow a traditional calendar with classes from late August through mid-late May.  We do not currently offer any summer, winter, spring, or fall break programming.

What about gifted students?

Generally, gifted students thrive in any school that offers flexible instruction, smaller classroom sizes and more personal attention, and placement based on skill level rather than age.  Additionally, ample project opportunities allow the GT student to approach any topic with a level of depth that is personally challenging. As such, our many gifted students are successful because we meet them where they are and continue to challenge them moving forward.

Students who have gifts in certain areas but struggles in others often find the custom fit type of environment just right for continuing to push in all areas.

How much homework will my child have? Will there be homework every night? Every weekend?

We strive to make any Projects and Practice sent home authentic, appropriately challenging, and connected to the learning occurring in the classroom. Learn more about the School + Home connection here.