Elementary Years

The Elementary Years Program prepares students for a lifetime of creative and collaborative learning.  The AHB model allows students to pursue knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom, giving our students room for exploration and self-paced learning.

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Early Years’ teachers lay the foundation for students to be successful participants in the community! The Early Years Program is built around the belief that academic skills are only half of what a child needs in order to be prepared to learn and participate in the world; the other half are skills which should assist that child to be an effective, productive participant and communicator in the community. A fully engaged community member needs to be prepared to think critically, look for solutions and communicate effectively.


There is a lot of interest in the world of education to develop students with “grit.” The Early Years Program acknowledges that in order for a child to fully participate in a class, they have to feel safe – safe to raise a hand, and safe to try and fail – then try again. Our teachers have been trained to help their students explore how to take care of their feelings and how to treat others with respect and compassion. The students learn simple strategies to work through conflicts and build into every activity a time to reflect and take account for how they worked towards building their community.


The Early Years Program recognizes that learning doesn’t happen between certain hours or within certain buildings – the world is our classroom! The seeds of stewardship and advocacy are planted as we walk through our neighborhoods, plant wildlife gardens and learn about our bodies, our neighbors, our world. Our Early Years program balances academic foundational learning with hands-on creative play and exploration. From pencil grip to multiplication, great care is put into scaffolding when, where, and how students can practice solving practical problems. If we are building a model of a village on a 8’x10’ drop cloth, how are we going to fit 18 houses? Students learn that they need time to practice basic skills (like reading, or counting) before they can solve certain problems – so we practice skills, just like a musician practices scales on their instrument.

Why Part-Time School

Our part-time Elementary Years core schedule allows students ample time to attain knowledge, seek adventure, and develop relationships outside of our micro school community. AHB is a great match for families seeking a balance between family life and school.

Our Alpha program (grades K-1) runs 3 days a week, Tuesday through Thursday, with an optional 4th Lab Day. Our Beta (grades 2-3) and Gamma (grades 4-5) core programs run 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday. All core days run 9 am – 2:30 pm and have options for after school enrichment.

Learn more about our extended day options or our Academic Continuum.