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First week back for Deltas!

Welcome back everyone!  It’s been great to see everyone’s smiling faces.  We also want welcome Ms. Ruchi to her first full Quarter at AHB.  She’s been doing a wonderful job and the kids are really into her lesson plans and activities.

Now that we have our awesome new co-teacher, all three of us will be sharing Theme, math and ELA duties, so the blog will of course include comments from everyone.

Here’s a few pics from some fun activities we did this week…. we made sundials in Mr. J’s math group.  In Theme, we created a scale model of the solar system using toilet paper (!) and worked a lot with measurements about the solar system in general. We have gone through a thorough introduction to astronomy and why we should care about it, and learned about the scale of distance and astronomy-math connection. We did some challenging, yet fun, astronomy-related math problems in Theme this week, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

WIN_20150106_092436WIN_20150106_112238 WIN_20150106_112231 WIN_20150106_092448 WIN_20150106_092441

Thursday was also Math Pentathlon Day.  We always have a blast!

WIN_20150108_092044 WIN_20150108_092022


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In Kirsten’s Math group:


We have practiced fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication & division w/a Math for All Fraction Tic Tac Toe ‘game’, solved lots of fraction word problems from NASA Space math and the Astronomy chapter of Edward Zaccaro’s Challenge Math book and practice mental math and memorization (including, of course, fractions).

Lastly, as a group we chose to do a STEM project called Stranded from Building Math which we will start beginning next week – look for more info on that coming soon!


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In Kirsten & Ruchi’s ELA group:

Our read aloud book is

George’s Secret Key to the Universe

and we have read the first 5 chapters as of this week!  The kids are taking notes as we read aloud to answer the 5 Ws – in as few sentences as possible – this works on summary and reading comprehension skills.
For writing, we are learning the 6 Traits of Writing – so far have begun to discuss Trait 1 (Ideas and Content) and reviewed the meaning of the words plot, character, 1st person narrative and 3rd person narrative. See

​for some ​basic info on the 6 Traits.    We worked through some focus areas to work on with  Trait 1 which include:
Getting to the point;
Uses your Senses;
Paint a Picture;
Details over Generalizations;
Narrow your topic;
Observe & Tell
Lastly, we did some spelling, vocabulary, root word practice with Words Their Way with words having the prefixes of mono, uni, bi, and tri.
Look for vocabulary, spelling, and sight words to be part of next weeks PnP!
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In Ruchi’s Math Group:
This week, we have been working on what we remember about fractions, in addition to going over new material (including adding and subtracting fractions). The students have really been enjoying NASA Spacemath problems, so by popular demand we will continue to work on that throughout the quarter whenever applicable! I have been very happy with everyone’s progress in class, and really enjoy working with this group as both a teammate and a coach. One great thing I have noticed is that the students love helping each other–a wonderful trait that I will always encourage! The PnP due Monday will be something that the students themselves create (3 word problems related to fractions and astronomy), and then circulate among each other to solve next week. I look forward to getting to know everyone better and helping them refine their skills!

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Happy Winter Break from the Deltas!

Hello Delta Family,

What a great way to end Quarter 2 with such a wonderful POP presentation.  Thanks to Ms. K, Ms. Ruchi and all the parents who volunteered to make it a success.

The highlight was of course the Puppet Show, followed by some amazing biographies, artwork, playdough fungi and bacteria and a wide variety of examples related to Life Cycles.   Check out some of the pics below…

For next Quarter we will focus on Astronomy, so any independent research over the Winter Break will be greatly appreciated.

WIN_20141218_125215 WIN_20141218_125227 WIN_20141218_125328 WIN_20141218_125201 WIN_20141218_125150 WIN_20141218_125127 WIN_20141216_101504 WIN_20141218_130124 WIN_20141216_100155 WIN_20141216_100123 WIN_20141216_100103

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Parent Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Subject/area of interest:  Scouts

I/we chose this example of my child’s learning because.. We are very proud of the writing and math Ben enthusiastically does both inside and outside of school. We are proud of how he likes to challenge himself academically.  However, scouts is something not represented by school that it a very important part of his whole-child education. It has fostered his leadership skills, his teaching skills, his survival skills, and his independence. It has also greatly improved his physical stamina, and it encourages important personal qualities like loyalty, trustworthiness, and tenacity.

What our/my child learned/demonstrated doing this is.. Ben was one of only 2 boys in his den who was able to carry his 20 pound backpack on the entirety of a 6-mile hike into an overnight camping area. Ben now knows how to start a fire without matches or a lighter, and he can build himself shelter from the rain using nature’s supplies.  Ben knows how to cook over a campfire, and through other methods like hot rocks. He knows basic first aid and has even helped apply first aid to a friend. Ben leads his other friends on hikes without adult supervision.

What I/we would like/hope for my child to learn more about this subject/activity is..We hope Ben continues to grow in his leadership, teaching, wilderness, and survival skills. We hope he continues to develop the loyalty, trustworthiness, tenacity and bravery as to which we are so proud.

FrictionFire Backpack6Miler ShelterShelter FrictionFire Backpack6Miler

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Teacher Portfolio Selection Fall 2014

Subject:  Science Fair

I choose the Science Fair project that Ryan worked on w/Lukas.

I chose this because it exemplifies team work, application of math skills, and explores both of their interest in sports.

I look forward to more projects from Ryan in the Spring!

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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Subject:  Math

I choose Theo’s work and participation in his Stock Market Game team

I chose this because Theo showed such tremendous growth since the beginning of the semester to the end of the game, worked collaboratively with his father on the PnP, and was able to apply his math skills to analysis.  It was wonderful to see the shift from the beginning of the year when he was unfamiliar with all the SMG terms, rules, and concepts.

I hope Theo continues SMG in the Spring!


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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Q2

Subject:  Math

I choose Max’s math game which involves learning about, knowing and following the world wide ocean adventures of Charles Darwin after learning about him.

This work shows that Max is creative and is willing to apply his learning to new topics/projects.  I am impressed with the idea of the game, the math involved and the research Max has done to create it!

I look forward seeing what Max does in the upcoming second semester and am glad to see his confidence increasing!

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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Q2

Subject:  Math

I choose Ty’s math game on which involves learning, knowing and comparing the molecular weights of different substances which he got inspired to create after learning about his scientist.

This work shows that Ty is creative and is willing to apply his learning to new topics/projects.  I am very impressed with the idea of the game, the math involved and the research Ty has done to create it!

I look forward seeing what Ty does in the upcoming secon semester – he has set the bar high this first one!

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Delta week in review

Hi all,

We had a great week and are so glad to have Ruchi with us!

In math, we continued working on our math games, got most of them finished up and were able to play both the completed ones and Math Pentathlon! The kids really wowed the visiting parent tour on Wednesday with the professionalism and content of the games!

The Stock Market Game students did both a self reflective and group evaluation exercise after the 1st semester game ended last Friday at close of market.  Overall our three teams had strong showings for first time players – out of 64 teams we placed

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17th, 19th and 46th

It was also wonderful for me to read the (confidential) evaluations and see fairly consistent assessments across the group.  The Spring semester game starts in February and teams will be reassembled into new configurations based on the student’s feedback.


In Theme we discussed the human life cycle and worked our way through giggles, gasps and a few good questions about our bodies and how they change. It was most helpful to be able to frame the discussion against the other life forms we have studied though even that did not prevent some kids from needing to close their eyes while I was talking!

Language Arts:  Another fun week of wrapping up our wonderful biographies!  The Delta writings have improved immensely and I think every parent will be extremely proud of the work their kids have created.  We are shooting for a lot of these to be completed by Monday, typed of course.  If you need more time then we have until Thursday for POP presentation.  Keep on working!

German was a blast again as we worked on including adjectives in basic introductions.  Oh course, we are still working on making everyone have fun during our sing-alongs!  Haha….

Keep up the great work everyone!




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