What’s New With the Beta Crew? December 9th-11th Edition

Tying Up Loose Ends

Our first-ever Beta Museum is just around the corner, and we were very busy this week prepping the last bits of our projects!  We cannot wait to see all of our family and friends at the Museum Tuesday December 16th at 10:00!  Arrive ready to learn about our first semester’s journey!


 Beta Storytellers

Inspired by the Native American art of story telling, our Beta friends learned tribal stories to share with the classroom community.  The students retold stories they had learned, and shared a visual inspired by the story.  The students did a tremendous job engaging their audience in the terrific tales they told.  One of our goals as educators was to attempt to move away from the generalization of Native Americans, and begin looking at the traditions of specific tribes that lived in the plains region of the United States.  Many of our classroom projects were inspired by the Osage tribe, and we throughly enjoyed hearing stories from a variety of other plains tribes.

PBS has a wonderful site dedicated to Native American storytelling.  Check it out here.

IMG_4619     IMG_4621     IMG_4603

IMG_4598      IMG_4596      IMG_4593

IMG_4574      IMG_4591      IMG_4569

IMG_4567      IMG_4566

We are so proud of all of our storytellers!  We are also practicing the act of asking meaningful questions when a presenter is finished, and we were really impressed with the Beta’s ability to ask each other wonderful questions about their stories and/or visuals!


Curators of the Beta Museum

As the Betas prepare for their big day, they have been completing anything that may have been missed.  We also worked on creating a sign for our museum.  All of their hard work is going to pay off on Tuesday!

IMG_4618      IMG_4617

One of our projects this semester has been an ABC book all about Westward Expansion.  Each letter in the alphabet is connected to a vocabulary word or term that we have talked about in our study.  Be sure to check out the ABCs of Westward Expansion exhibit at the Beta Museum on Tuesday to see what the clever Betas have come up with!

IMG_4571      IMG_4570      IMG_4554



The students have been working hard all semester long, and we stopped to take the time to reflect on our learning this week.  Each student selected a piece in Math and Literacy to reflect upon.  It is important for our community to reflect on what we are doing, why, and how we are doing it.  The students really enjoying looking through all of their work and choosing a piece that they are proud of.

“In his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, the Brazilian educator Paolo Freirere enforces the idea that reflection

is an essential part of learning and of becoming an agent of change in the world:

“Within the word we find two dimensions, reflection and action, in such radical interaction that if one is

sacrificed — even in part — the other immediately suffers . . “

Read more from the above article here.

IMG_4560      IMG_4561      IMG_4577

Thinking and reflecting about what we have learned, what we are proud of, and what we can continue to work to improve upon.  So proud of our Betas!


Making Mathematical Magic

We learned the last few word problem strategies in math this week!  The Beta students have really enjoyed learning new ways to attack word problems, and of course they always enjoy adding a little pizzazz to their math journal pages!  The kiddos also worked on their Middle of Year assessments (known in the educational word as MOYs) this week.  It was super cool to see how far the students have come, and to know where we can support each one of them as we move forward.

Looking for another way to work on math?  Has your child tried Khan Academy?  If you are interested, follow the link and let us know what you think!


IMG_4562 (1)      IMG_4563 (2)      IMG_4564 (2)

Math magicians hard at work!  Check out a few of our new strategies!


We Are All Readers and Writers

This week may have been full of museum preparations, but our Beta readers and writers made sure that they still spent time practicing their skills.  If there was any chance for free time, you could often find a Beta cozied up with a good book or hard at work on their writing!

Writer’s Workshop was filled with the sounds of pencils and erasers, ideas being shared, and a general sense of excitement.  The Betas are truly exploring the world of a writer, and the stories they are coming up with are awesome.  Many students have stories that are still in progress, while others are working on editing their work.

IMG_4609      IMG_4608       IMG_4607

Betas are rock star readers!  It thrills us to see their love for reading blossom, grow, and reach new heights!

IMG_4578      IMG_4576       IMG_4575



We had the pleasure of Ms.Stacie visiting us this week to work with us on some yoga skills.  We LOVED the “buffalo” pose, inspired by our westward expansion study!

And who couldn’t love “lion breath!”

IMG_4590      IMG_4587

Why Yoga and Kids go Together, a short article on the benefits of practicing yoga with children.  To read it, click here!


Founder’s Day

We were all so excited to have Georgie, the founder of our amazing AHB, visit the school on Wednesday for Founder’s Day!  In her honor, we wore crazy socks to celebrate her love for wild and wacky footwear.

IMG_4583      IMG_4582      IMG_4606

Sock circles, life-threatening shark socks (oh my!), and a lovely group photo with Ms.Georgie!



If there is one thing we hear about pretty much everyday in the Beta classroom, it would be the math cubes!  Throughout the semester many of the Beta students have spent any free time they may have building a variety of creations with the cubes.  Below are a few examples of what came to life this week.

IMG_4613       IMG_4614

Check out the buffalo with rider on the left, and a dog on a horse on the right!


Beta of the Week

We had a great time celebrating our Beta of the week!  We can’t believe it, but we are almost through the entire class!



Next Week…

With our Museum making its debut on Tuesday, we thought we would schedule a few fun days for the remainder of our week together. Here is a basic outline of our upcoming week:

Tuesday: Beta Museum at 10:00!  

We would love to have snacks available to the students on their special day.

Please bring a snack to share, keeping in mind that we have gluten free and tree nut allergies within our classroom community.  We will send an email with more info!


Wednesday:  Bring a Toy and/or Game Day!

The Betas are welcome to bring in a toy or board game to share with their classmates.  Please no electronics.  We will have Math Pentathlon games available, as well as a variety of other games.


Thursday: Pajama Party!

Wear you pajamas to school and bring your lovey or blanket!  We will kick back with some good books, read aloud a few awesome stories, and maybe watch a short flick.


Dates to Remember

Monday December 15-Thursday December 18: Winter Faire

Tuesday December 16: Beta Museum at 10:00am; Alpha PoP at 1:30pm

Wednesday December 17: Gamma PoP at 1:00pm

Thursday December 18: Delta PoP at 12:30pm; End of Quarter 2

Friday December 19-Sunday January 4: Winter Break

Monday January 5: Classes Resume

Tuesday January 6: Leadership Council

Let us know if you have any questions!  We can’t wait to celebrate the Betas with you on Tuesday!

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