What’s New with the Beta Crew?!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love you showed the Beta teachers on Wednesday!  It felt so wonderful to be treated to a delicious meal, and showered with cards and hand crafted flowers from the kiddos!  We felt very special!




This week we have begun our focus on the the Native Americans- more specifically the Plains Indians because these tribes are the ones the pioneers would have encountered on their travels along the Oregon Trail.

We began by locating the tribes on the map and labeling a few. 

Do you remember where the Plains tribes were found??

Somewhere in the United States, right?  Were they located in the East?  The West?  In the Central US?  What do you think?  Look at Noah’s map if you need a clue!

 IMG_4377 IMG_4401

We have also done a bit of reading and learned some interesting facts about these tribes and jotted them down in our Travel Journals.

Did you know these Indians were nomads??  Do you remember what this means??

And they hunted a certain kind of animal.  Do you remember which one?  What parts did they use?

Why did they live in Teepees?  


IMG_4394 IMG_4395 

 We began a new project this week as well- we are researching, sketching, and creating our own Osage Blankets! These blankets would often be used in special ceremonies.

IMG_4403 IMG_4404

And just like the Osage, the Betas came up with very thoughtful designs with lovely meanings, and paid close attention to detail.


We can’t wait to show off all the hard work at our Museum!!

Coming Up!

November 15th- Austin Home Brew Festival!

November 20th- Shipe Park Day

November 24th-28th- Thanksgiving Break

November 25th- Ms. Kelly’s Birthday

December 3rd- All day Budget/Tuition Q&A with Scott- come anytime throughout the day

December 6th- Asher’s Birthday!!

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