What’s New with the Beta Crew

This week the focus in Beta was all about

Westward Expansion!

-Home projects, school projects and one awesome field trip to end the week!  We have been hard at work generating many wonderful pieces for our own

Beta Museum

Here are the amazing, spectacular projects from our amazing, spectacular Betas!

The best part was to see the kiddos’ pride and excitement of all their hard work.  They couldn’t wait to show them off!

After four weeks of planning, thinking, creating and writing, we finally got to show off!


IMG_3959 (1) IMG_3975 (2)

 Asher created a log cabin and included the dimensions of a real cabin at Pioneer Farms.

Kellen fashioned a diorama to depict one of the reasons people headed west- for the GOLD!


IMG_3958 IMG_3950

 A replica of a Native American spear was whittled by Cohen.  He even added feathers he found in nature!

While Sullivan tested some old time recipes- Cornbread Skillet Meat– complete with pictures and recipes!


IMG_3963 IMG_3933

Emil read a true story about a pioneer girl who was taken by the Indians, and constructed a tepee and people to represent what he learned.  His people come complete with shrunken apple heads!  How cool is that!

Miss Ella knew her teachers and class well- we love a good snack!  She researched a recipe from Laura Ingalls Wilder- Molasses cookies!  Not only did she make the cookies at home, she brought them in to share!  Yummy!


 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 (1)

 Christian and Evan worked together on a piece that encompasses westward expansion- from why people went, what kind of animals they encountered, to lovely maps showing their routes.  We all learned so much from these two kiddos!


IMG_3939 IMG_3967

Our attention-to-detail-girl, Wren, created a fabulous “Little House on the Prairie” log cabin complete with people, animals, bed, chairs, table, blankets, you name it, it was probably there! ;) AND she allowed the others to interact with it.  Way cool!

Gabe clearly had a good time with his well rounded project and was so happy to share! It included Minecraft, amazing story written by him, and even math story problems using our theme!


Way to go families!  We love seeing the positive influences your teaching brings to your children!  We can’t do it without your teamwork!


In the classroom, the kids are working closely with their “wagon families” creating scenes for our shoe box wagons.  These scenes will depict what it looked like when the pioneer families stopped for a night or two on their way out west.  Through research and discussions, we have great ideas on how we will show all we learned!

We will show you a few photos of the progress, but will wait until our museum is open until you can see the finished product! HA!


As with any collaborative project, we always start with a plan. What are we going to add to our scene, and what supplies will we need.


 IMG_3971 IMG_3968

After collaborating on what needs to be added, wagon families get right to work!


IMG_3968 IMG_3982

The kids thought of every detail- from the prairie grass, to the spider- complete with a wild turkey cooking on top of the campfire!


IMG_3979 IMG_3980

What do you think so far??

Pretty cool, right! We love seeing our wagon families work cooperatively!

“Without the cooperation of its members society cannot survive, and the society of man has survived because the cooperativeness of its members made survival possible….  It was not an advantageous individual here and there who did so, but the group.  In human societies the individuals who are most likely to survive are those who are best enabled to do so by their group.”

(Ashley Montagu, 1965)

“Cooperation is working together to accomplish shared goals.  Within cooperative situations, individuals seek outcomes that are beneficial to themselves and beneficial to all other group members. Cooperative learning is the instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximize their own and each other’s learning.”

From- An Overview Of Cooperative Learning

 By David W Johnson and Roger T Johnson

All year long in the Beta room, we will work together in many different ways- in language arts, math, theme and beyond. We are one big, happy Beta family who feel free and comfortable to share what we know, and question what we wonder about the world around us.  There are no “dumb” questions here and we can learn from EVERYONE!

Go Betas!!

 Ok, well, back to this week!  Sometimes we get excited about something behind the scenes in the classroom (like cooperative learning) and just have to share a bit with you ;)  Without further ado, we bring you the…

The First Ever Field Trip at AHB!!!

Courtney and Kelly’s Excellent Aventure

Starring: The Beta Kiddos


 We began our trip to the Bob Bullock Museum with the Spanish Conquistador and the Native Americans.

Betas-  What can you remember about this scene?  What did the Native Americans eat?  What was the conquistador wearing?  Tell your parents what you learned here!

IMG_3987 IMG_3992  

Do you remember who wore this?

IMG_4003 IMG_4007

We got to meet a real cowboy!  He showed us a picture of his horse and everything!  And he was quite good at lassoing the children!  (Maybe Ms. Courtney and Ms. Kelly could use this technique to bring the kids in from recess! ;) )

Betas- Do you remember the picture of all the longhorns and the cowboys trying to round them up?  What can you tell your parents about it?  Who was in front?  Who was in the back?  What’s a “Chuck Wagon? 





IMG_4014 IMG_4012

We watched a short snippet about Native Americans in a tepee, and Gabe checked out the pioneer woman hand washing clothes.

IMG_4026 IMG_4035

We learned a lot about how hard people fought to create the Texas we know today.


We all got a kick out of the cool effects at the movie “The Star of Destiny” What was your favorite part?

IMG_3984 IMG_3986

Not only did we learn a lot, we had a great time together with our friends.

AND we have lots of new ideas for our own Beta Museum!

IMG_4031 IMG_4042

What was your favorite part???

** Thank you to all you wonderful, supportive families!  We couldn’t do it without you!

A few reminders:

Bring in your contribution to the Beta Basket for the silent auction NEXT WEEK!

Thursday morning we have a Beta Jamboree- brought to us by Sullivan’s family!!  We can’t wait!!

Thursday afternoon is “Around the World” Day- bring in an East African dish to share!

Mr. Scott’s birthday is Sunday, October 12th- wish him a happy one!

Fall Break is October 20-24  Ye-haw!!!




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