What’s my line?

This week in Alpha-ville…

It was a whirlwind of activity!

It started out on a sad note; one of our Alphas had to say good-bye to a dear, great grandmother…We learned during our morning circle, that many of our friends have experienced similar losses.  We altered our morning plans with a community project to build a shrine to honor our loved ones…


Our shrine is full of flowers, testimonials, illustrations, but mostly, love.

In chapter 7 of of Art as Experience, written by Progressive Education’s patron saint, John Dewey, he writes : “…formal conditions of artistic form” are “rooted deep in the world itself.”  Dewey goes on to say “There is a rhythm in nature before poetry, painting, architecture and music exist.”  We can find line, shape, color, texture, and patterns throughout the natural world. Over Thanksgiving Break, we’ve asked the Alphas to use things in nature to create a work of art.  Check out the PnP Blog for further inspiration…

The projects our students worked on over the weekend were inspiring!  We had students experiment with color…


Liam fixed crayons to his canvas and then melted them with a hairdryer…they flowed together creating new colors…”It took a long time to melt and then melted crayon started flying everywhere!”


Evan changed the value of the color in his picture by adding white…

We had students create works of art using shapes…


Sally used triangles and circles…


“I see a semi-circle, and triangles and lots of circles!”


Our projects seemed to inspire some friends in Gamma- Jack’s sister, Ella, shared a cool picture she created out of overlapping shapes and the use of primary and secondary colors…


“Every time a shape overlaps another, I colored the space with a secondary color…”

Our Guest Artist this week helped the Alphas explore line, shape and rhythm through DANCE!


Hannah Guidry has been teaching dance for over 20 years and knows a LOT about it!


Ballet traces its roots back to soldiers marching in formation!

Hannah showed us how important straight lines are on stage…


…An example of a no-so-good line in ballet…

Alphas got to experience all kinds of aspects of dance, like shape…


Mara’s made a square…



Liam made a trapezoid…

Like lines…






Pavla glides gracefully…




Sani strikes a pose!

It’s also important to know when to stop!


 In Math this week, Alphas practiced adding and subtracting skills, building shapes with shapes, and looking at the attributes of coins…


Hope practices her fact families…


Evan estimates how many squares might fit into that rectangle…



Coin rubbings!


In Language Arts this week…

We sorted words, we wrote books, we even read to ourselves for 15 whole minutes!


Sorting “C” words…”Why do some sound like “K” and some sound like “S?”


Gabriella sorted words in her journal…

 SHIPE PARK THURSDAY!!!! Alphas had a great time at Shipe Park!


 Here are some important dates to remember:

  • 11.24-11.27: Thanksgiving Break
  • 12.10: Founder’s Day (WEAR CRAZY SOCKS!!)
  • 12.15-12.18: Winter Faire
  • 12.16: Alpha Portfolios on Parade Installation @ 1:30!!!
  • 12.22-1.5: Winterbreak!!!

We hope each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday this week. We are SURE thankful for all your love and support this year!  Safe travels!!


Eliza and Kim

Filed November 21st, 2014.