week of September 29, 2014


Edan’s family brought in a Monarch Chrysalis and we had the fantastic opportunity to watch it ‘hatch’!
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We are pleased to announce we will have 2 guest teachers visiting this week:  A Mr. Charlie on Monday morning and a Mr. Zach on Wednesday!
In Math:
Reading humorous, creative and beautifully illustrated books full of math content started off our week.  Reading books that make us all laugh out loud is great way to start off the day and also provided examples of what we could do for our Art/Math project this week!
In our small groups, we did a lot of exploration work to ‘discover’ formulas and rules on our own, including the why (one of my favorite questions) of various math continua objectives.  One math educator we honor and practice emulating by doing this is Marilyn Burns (see http://mathsolutions.com/about-us/marilyn-burns/) – an amazing instructor/curricula writer/author (of many subjects – not just math) who highlights group work, discussion, exploration and application of math concepts.
The kids also impressed us immensely with this Ancient Civilization sugar cube, rice crispsy, and marshmallow temples (one was even a village!), with their ancient clothes (yes some made clothes!), pressed rubber solar calendar (!) and other amazing constructions or dances that actually brought (happy) tears to my eyes!  Each student was able to clearly and accurately describe the math in this constructions which included area, volume, surface area, materials needed, length of yarn used, weight of buildings and more!  We can’t wait for you to see these great projects and more on our Ancient Civilizations​ Delta “Theme Park” on October 15th!
Bridging group – We reviewed our solar math, redid any needed problems, read The Math Curse, reviewed that the “multiplication table” is really an Operations table – showing addition, subtraction, multiplication & division; and started learning various ways to divide – focusing mainly on the 10 5 2 1 method!; we also started learning Stars and Bars, wrapping up Contig 60
Fluent group – We reviewed our solar math, redid any needed problems, read The Math Curse, explored perimeter and area w/centimeter cubes and discovered how & why the same perimeters can yield different areas and different configurations;  we then reviewed Short division, and practiced Long division (with decimals for some, and w/negative numbers for some); we also started learning Stars & Bars, wrapping up Contig 60
Proficient+ group – We reviewed our solar NASA math, redid any needed problems, read Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, reviewed dividing decimals and fractions and discovered for our own how the surface areas of spheres are found (via oranges -thanks Sarah Hoffman!); we also finalized our learning of Remainder Islands
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Classroom Economy students are getting very efficient with their checkbooks!  Please start sending in auction items!!
Stock Market Game students all passed their rules test, and starting trading on September 29th!

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Calendar days of Note!
  • ​10/4 Order your Wheatsville Coop meals for the week/month!​
  • 10​/​​7 Parent Ed Speaker Series night &DELTAparent discussion following​ – please RSVP to Kirsten@AHBCS.org​
  • 10​/8@ 9 am-  Parent Coffee Clutch out on the picnic tables in front of the school!
  • ​10/​11​ Order your Wheatsville ​C​oop meals for the week/month!
  • ​10/13 Sign up opens for Parent/Teacher/Student Conference days – this year our class will have 2 days of slots available given the number of students! There will be no school for students the first day, but school for them the 2nd day (see below as well)
  • 10/15 Ancient Civilizations​ Delta “Theme Park” on October 15th
    ​ including a potluck lunch​
  • 10/16 Around the World (details forthcoming)
  • 10/1​7​- Assessment Reports on Quickschools (https://ahbcs.quickschools.com/)  and updated Continua files on Google Drive (accessible via Google Drive or an email link) will be made available
  • 10/​17-23- Fall Break  (no Delta Friday, Oct 17th)​
  • 10/25 Order your Wheatsville Coop meals for the week/month!​
  • 10/27- No School- Conference Day​ Part I​
  • ​10/28 – School for Delta students & Conference Day Part II!​
  • 10/28- Q2​ (Lifecycles & Science Fair or CCA)​ ​begins
  • 10/30 Crazy Dress-up Day