Week 2 Delta Update

Hi all!

This week, we covered a lot of interesting material, and had a great time along the way. It was Civil Rights Week at AHB, and we did our best to integrate this into Theme, math, and ELA! We ended the week with Pies for Peace with the rest of the school, where each class (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta) got to present what the students learned in relation to Civil Rights this week. Students also got to partake in eating a variety of pies–a yummy treat for all!

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In Theme:

Our focus was how we see objects in space (optics, telescopes, spectroscopy). We learned about Hertzsprug-Russell diagrams (http://lcogt.net/files/styles/fourcol-image/public/spacebook/HR%20Diagram.png), which brought up a lot of great discussion among students and teachers. We did fun activities to show how light diffracts and how mirrors focus light. Thanks to Mr. Scott, we also got to play with a model planetarium and view constellations–very cool!


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In Ms. Ruchi’s Math Group:

We learned how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators by multiple methods, including using the Least Common Denominator/Least Common Multiple. We continued to work on NASA Spacemath problems, and the students especially enjoyed the worksheets integrating chemistry and math. We will use this resource throughout the quarter as much as possible, since it makes math come alive for the students. Our Deltas also really enjoyed creating their own problems and exchanging them among each other to solve, so we will have a similar PnP activity due on Tuesday (since Monday is a school holiday).


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In Ms. Kirsten’s Math Group:

We began the Building Math (http://www.mos.org/engineering-curriculum/building-math) Stranded program!  First did we did a “Shipwrecked” team building activity followed by officially started the Stranded program by trying to find out where our crashed airplane landed in the Pacific and what islands our rescue raft could have landed on.  Lots of algebra, map reading, critical thinking, team work and computation was required but the teams loved it.

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In Ms. Kirsten and Ruchi’s ELA group:

We continued our read-alouds and learning about the Six Traits of Writing (we’ve covered the first three traits so far–Ideas and Content, Organization, and Voice). It has been a challenge for everyone to integrate these traits into stories that they have written in class, but we are progressing! We also worked on spelling, vocabulary, and parts of speech–all important items to learn and master.


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Filed January 16th, 2015.