Q3 Week 3!


Hello, all! Though it was a shorter school week than most, it was full of learning and fun. We suspended Theme, and instead set reasonable, attainable goals based on our Reading and Writing continua. It will be great to accomplish them by the end of Q3!


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We worked on our spelling and sight words (and the whole class will be having weekly spelling check-ins every Monday), in addition to continuing with delving into the Six Traits of Writing. This week we covered Traits 4 and 5 (Word Choice and Sentence Fluency). We worked on various exercises to show that we understand how to use and dissect the traits in our writing. We have really enjoyed reading more of George’s Secret Key to the Universe, and are all looking forward to finding out what happens next!


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In Ms. Ruchi’s Math Group:

This week, we covered multiplication and division of fractions. The students enjoyed these topics better than addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators. It was great to see everyone excited while working on a wide range of exercises, ranging from Math Mammoth to NASA Spacemath, and ultimately culminating in word problems using all operations related to fractions. We also began sharing and working on problems that students created for their PnP due this Tuesday–always interesting and fun to work on! Fractions Jeopardy should be fun for all to play for this week’s PnP. Next week, we will be working on resizing by fractional value.

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In Ms. Kirsten’s Math Groups:

Bridging Group – We began the week with a quick check-in on what we know about Fractions to date t0 help us with both planning and assessment.  Following that we started making Fraction Towns – a main street w/various streets off it (2nd, 3rd, 4th,..) and then put houses, trees, cars, etc. on 1/2, 2/3, 1/4 and other fractional values along the various streets.  The kids had to measure, divide, and apply their fraction knowledge to the project – and all had a lot of fun figuring out both how to tackle the project and seeing it through.  Please check out their creations in the hallway by the closet next week!

Proficient/Connecting Group – We began the week with an overview of the Engineering process in preparation for our first Stranded! Design challenge which is to build a scale model of a shelter we would need to survive an impending storm on our deserted island.  We spent a couple class periods building boxes to discover the scale ratio between them and are now starting to find the scale of sides to base area to volume.  Once the work w/the nets and boxes is complete we will start on our actual scale shelter models.

Filed January 22nd, 2015.