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[rescue_highlight color=”red”]Quarter 1 was a wild success![/rescue_highlight]

We have found our projects and practice to be working really well and look forward to meeting with you all at our conference on Monday, Oct. 27th.  Our students projects showed much imagination! We were all wowed by what everyone accomplished and contributed.

This week was all about wrapping up our projects and sharing them with one another.

Over this quarter, our Alphas learned a LOT about creatures in Texas. We loved seeing how these creatures inspired each student!

Ava teaches about the Spiny Lizard!



Gabriella’s loom project to create a model of a red cardinal


Coppie serving turkey!

Our wild turkey expert, Coppie, serves up some turkey!



mountain lion diorama with bones from kill scattered around the outside of it’s den



Fletcher in his gray wolf costume, reading the book he wrote!


Evan knows a LOT about Longhorns! “I learned that they’re HUGE!”


The Bodhi dragonfly


Eli’s visit to see a real bobcat at the Nature Center



Jack’s red-tailed hawk mosaic and diorama

liambook Liam’s Bear Claw Book and life-sized Bear Claw bracelet!Liamnecklace


Sally gives us the low-down on hummingbirds!


Estee shares a video she made of her Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ballet!


Sani taught us just how much space the wing-span of the golden eagle takes up!

Mara made a life sized Bobcat!

Mara made a cool Bobcat!


IMG_0760.JPGEllie taught us a LOT about hummingbirds, like they only weight THIS much:


Abigail made a box thats a fox!

Abigail made a box thats a fox!

She sewed each spot on all by herself!

She sewed each spot on all by herself!


Hope transformed herself into a mighty LONGHORN!

Hope transformed herself into a mighty LONGHORN!

It is delicate work- making armadillos!

It is delicate work- making armadillos!

[rescue_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]
Alphas collaborated
[/rescue_box] with their table-mates to create a puppet show, using their Texas animals as characters!  We’d read many folktales and legends about animals.  Alpha teams rose to the challenge creating settings, characters and a story that has a beginning (establish what happens all the time), middle (introduce a problem) and an end (the resolution).


"The Rainbow Party" troupe works on their backdrop!

“The Rainbow Party” troupe works on their backdrop!

"Cutie," the nine-banded armadillo

“Cutie,” the nine-banded armadillo


“The Rainbow Party” troupe rehearses!

"Rainbow Party!!"

…and performs!


"Adventure to Survive" troupe, building puppets!

“Adventure to Survive” troupe, building puppets!



Cool puppet, Fletcher!

Cool puppet Fletcher!


Quite an array of creatures living in the swamp!



Adventure to survive…Part I…!


Storyboard for the “Spooky Best Friends Forever” troupe…

And now, on with the show!

And now, on with the show!




“The Funny Fox, The Hungry Mountain Lion, The Spiky, Spiny Lizard & the Grumpy Bobcat” troupe with their marionettes!


[rescue_highlight color=”blue”]We even managed to get in some math-fun as we introduce/review “place value…”[/rescue_highlight]

"I value these greater than those..."

“I value these greater than those…”


Jack values a LOT of things…wonder if he got everything onto his paper!!




Evan is busy gathering things he values...

Evan values fire!


[rescue_highlight color=”blue”]And in Language Arts, we managed to…[/rescue_highlight]



…paint words…


…play “Popcorn” with words…


…and play “Concentration” with words.


[rescue_highlight color=”blue”]In spite of our ‘grueling’ week, [/rescue_highlight]we managed to take a some time to let loose and have some fun!

Rockin’ with the Alphas

Get on the giggle-train!

Choosing our next theme...

Alphas thinking about next quarter’s theme…

We want to thank you all for all you did to help support our class this quarter.  We all learned a lot on our own and from each other, because we were all prepared to contribute!

We are very excited about next quarter.  After some fun brainstorming, our class realized that one thing they found exciting was all the art they were able to do this quarter.  It led them to wonder about using different kinds of media, as where art came from and what art is like in other places (like ancient Egypt)… So don’t do any old-clothes-purging over Fall Break as you may want to send your Alpha to school in clothes they can get paint on as we go on our next adventure into the world of ART!

Here are some dates you should put on the calendar:

10/27: Parent Conferences

10/30: Crazy Dress Day! (Costumes are welcome as long as they are safe for students to move around in- please leave props and masks at home!)

11/2: End of Daylight Savings Time!

11/11: Veterans’ Day- No School!

11/12: Staff Appreciation Lunch-YUM!

11/20: Shipe Park Day!

11/24-28: Thanksgiving Break!

We hope everyone has a lovely Fall Break!

Keep safe on your adventures- we look forward to hearing all about them when you get back!

Eliza and Kim


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