Middle Years

The Middle Years Program (Delta Class) is one of Austin’s only part-time, integrated, interdisciplinary, and Progressive Education offerings for 10-14 year olds.  We prepare students for their schooling beyond AHB by offering high-level, programmatically aligned instruction built upon their foundation of creative & collaborative learning.

Our Middle Years program runs Mondays through Thursdays, 9am-3:30pm, with an optional Friday, and is suited for students aged 10-14.

What Our Deltas Say About Their Class

“The thing I love about being a student in the Delta class is knowing every day when you come to school you are going to have fun. It is a very creative, colorful environment.”

“It is fun to teach someone how to do something and to help them.”

“Every morning I am happy to come to school and have fun with my best friends!”

“What I love about being a Delta is the freedom.  … I can propose an alternative assignment if needed.  There is both freedom and structure.”

Academic Preparation

Our Delta students explore the curriculum through the lens of their personal interests. Students learn about different high schools in the Austin area as well as prepare for the admissions process. We offer opportunities to take tests, build portfolios, and select work that demonstrates our students’ best effort. Our graduating Delta students are prepared for a variety of post-AHB High School environments.

High School Exploration

Our Middle Years Program is focused on three identified Exit Plans for students:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) or World Studies Schools – e.g., Headwaters School, L.C. Anderson High School IB program, Austin High World Studies program
  • Performing or Visual Arts Schools – e.g., The Griffin School or McCallum High School Fine Arts Academy
  • STEM or Advanced Science & Math Schools – e.g., Liberal Arts & Science Academy (LASA High School)


As technology becomes integral to navigating our ever-changing world, AHB embraces the ingenuity and practical application of technological skills. Our Middle Years Program offers opportunities for students to learn Google Suite tools and programming. All Delta students will need to have access to a computer to bring to school.  Each student will receive an AHB email address to use for collaborating with other students and teachers (with appropriate safety measures placed on their account).


Our Middle Years Program takes our student-centered learning to the next level by challenging our Delta students to account for their goals and efforts. Delta students learn to maintain rigor throughout a variety of assessment models and gain the flexibility and resiliency that marks mastery of content and skills. Teachers and students co-construct varied and valid assessment tasks so that students can demonstrate achievement according to the Development Continuum. Tasks are always assessed against the established criteria, not against the work of other students.