Happy Winter Break from the Deltas!

Hello Delta Family,

What a great way to end Quarter 2 with such a wonderful POP presentation.  Thanks to Ms. K, Ms. Ruchi and all the parents who volunteered to make it a success.

The highlight was of course the Puppet Show, followed by some amazing biographies, artwork, playdough fungi and bacteria and a wide variety of examples related to Life Cycles.   Check out some of the pics below…

For next Quarter we will focus on Astronomy, so any independent research over the Winter Break will be greatly appreciated.

WIN_20141218_125215 WIN_20141218_125227 WIN_20141218_125328 WIN_20141218_125201 WIN_20141218_125150 WIN_20141218_125127 WIN_20141216_101504 WIN_20141218_130124 WIN_20141216_100155 WIN_20141216_100123 WIN_20141216_100103

Filed December 21st, 2014.