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October 7th -16th, 2014


Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences happen on the Monday before we return from Fall Break, October 27th, and other times for those not able to attend Monday’s meetings. A schedule will be emailed to parents during the Fall Break.


Gammas work on becoming conscious of their breath to help with focus.



Yoga with Ms. Stacey

Yoga with Ms. Stacey


Ms. Angie answers Gamma questions about Islam.

Ms. Angie answers Gamma questions about Islam.

We also had a guest speaker come in to speak with us about Islam, an important part of our unit on the Middle Ages. Ms. Angie, an Alpha mom, kindly came in  to chat with Gammas about the similarities of this faith to ones Gammas are more familiar with: Christianity and Judaism. Her goal was to help the Gammas see the common roots between these three faiths, and to help the Gammas understand that these religions have more in common than they differ.


Most of our focus in literacy this quarter was connected to our theme on the Middle Ages. We wrote our peep stories, read books about the Middle ages both fiction (Sir Givret the Short) and non-fiction information books that prepared us with the facts we needed to create or class manor. Gamma students also created Halloween Mix and Match books as we discussed the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjectives, adverbs). They’re pretty spooky, read them only if you dare! We also really enjoyed learning many new vocabulary words that were connected to our Middle ages study. We created a glossary of vocabulary words in their Literacy Notebooks and also made a matching game to practice and gain a stronger understanding about specific terms.

IMG_2558 IMG_2554IMG_2559 IMG_2525


We have finished our introductory unit on basic applied math, and WOW! So much math to use in what we are doing for theme!! Gammas have been practicing column addition (you know, adding a whole bunch of numbers) to find how much each of our Medieval spaces cost to create. We also determined perimeter and area of each space to make sure we have room for everyone’s work in our Medieval Manor. We used this information to place each of the completed spaces using our rulers to make sure it matched the “blueprint” of our manor’s layout. Gammas got LOTS of practice at measuring,  rounding and problem solving.  


Finding the areas of our buildings…we can count each square, do repeated additions or multiply length and width.


If you turn your notebook on it’s side…


…you have built-in columns to do your  Make 10 column addition!


We researched and readied a “taste” for  our Medieval Feast~ YUM!! No one brought in trenchers (the bread that medieval folks used to eat their food from), so we settled for tortillas, instead.  No forks, either~ spoons and finger-foods, only!  Wow~ very different from what Gammas are used to at their own dinner tables.



Lots of medieval foods to sample~

Sarah's exploration for medieval spices in cookery: a scratch-and-sniff poster!

Sarah shows her exploration of medieval spices: a scratch-and-sniff poster to go with her pork pie!

Nate shows/tells/shares his chicken brochettes.

Nate shows and shares his chicken brochettes.





Kanai shows his almond pudding.

Kanai describes his yummy almond pudding recipe.

Gammas toast one another's great cooking!

Gammas toast one another’s great cooking!



Ian and Reece working out what they need for their armory.


Richie and Kahlil hard at work on city walls.


Alexander shows us how it’s done


Clark modeling an anvil for his blacksmith’s shop.

Gammas worked hard at making sure we had everything in place, and that our Manor residents would have everything they might need in their village. We spent lots of time collaborating and cooperating to get ready for our final day “Museum” set up! The finished product was certainly impressive!  Great work, Gammas!

IMG_2589 IMG_2591 IMG_2585IMG_2588

Check out this tour of our Manor, narrated by Reece:

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