Deltas…week of Nov 17th

Happy Friday Deltas!

We had another exciting week and are getting really pumped up for CCA, Science Fair and Biographies.

Language Arts:  Please continue to follow your outline which was given to you at the beginning of the Quarter.  This will help you take notes and form the basis for your biography.  You should be doing edits, fact checking, citing sources and hopefully typing.  From what we have seen everyone is doing a great job!

Also, if you have a book from a public library do not forget to recheck them…I tend to forget to do that myself.

For our German students, we had a blast learning about proper use of articles and structuring sentences and even learned a bit of a song.

Finally we worked on acrostic poetry(about your scientist) and learned how to paraphrase.

In math we worked on our (continua level specific) fungi, bacteria, and virus math, and worked on logic problems, checkbooks, and Math Pentathlon games.

Filed November 21st, 2014.