Deltas making Cheese & Yogurt Yumminess

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We continued our exploration of various life forms and their life cycles this week by learning about bacteria.  We learned the life cycle of a bacteria and compared and contrasted it to the life cycle of fungi (learned last week) and had an amazing whole class discussion about which life cycle (fungi or bacterial) most closely matched with ours.  The kids eventually came to the conclusion that looking at life cycles, we were most closely matched with fungi, that an umbilical cord could be considered a root, and that within our life cycle systems we more closely resembled the bacterial life cycle.  An excellent conversation and sharing of ideas and excitement.

Following the note taking, diagramming and discussion, we decided as a class to make both yogurt and mozzarella cheese using ‘beneficial’ bacteria.  Our bacterium  were acidophilus for the yogurt and rennet for the cheese.  The class self divided (can you say binary fission?)  into two groups (the yogurts and the ‘Cheesy Jokes’) to make their concoctions.  The Yogurts first worked on defining a Question, Problem or Purpose to their task, then a Hypothesis or Prediction, and finally a plan which was executed in the kitchen by the Community Hall.  The Cheesy Jokes group went straight to making mozzarella after devising a way to equally square all 7 steps of cheese making among themselves equally.

IMG_4347 IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4372 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382

Results?  Check w/your Delta, but as an official taste taster – I would say fantastic!  Mr. J says “a bit salty for the first one (cheese), but good for the other!”

In math, we continued work on our Fungi math, added Bacteria math (each continua level specific), the Stock Market Game and for the non-Stock Market Gamers we began to explore the value in and excitement of factoring.

In Language Arts we had some extremely interesting conversations regarding our biographies.  We love the fact that our Deltas are getting so involved in independent research.  They have begun writing and taking some serious notes!  We focused on writing about the early life of our scientists and researching the adult life and what was their biggest influences.  Keep up the great work.   We are also working on expanding our reading and writing to be more exciting and encouraging everyone to use a wide variety of sources in their research.  Remember, a thesaurus can be your best friend!

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy this beautiful fall weekend!


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This week we had study hall at Greenlights, followed by a field trip to the Austin Nature & Science Center.

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A few months ago, Scott sent out several excellent resources to help clarify and provide vocabulary for discussing Progressive Education.  The first item on one of those resources is that Progressive Education is one in which the lines between home and school are erased and become intertwined – echoing the AHB Mission statement.  We are not alone in trying to remove these barriers and the following article forwarded to me by NCTM addresses it (math specifically, but it applies to all subjects)

Happy reading and we would love to hear what you think!