Deltas are back!

Hello Delta Family!,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break.  It was much needed and well deserved.  Of course our first week back was very short but we accomplished a lot.  The Parent Conferences were great and informative, showing the progress and depth of education for each child.

Also, from the response the Deltas had a blast working with the Alphas, Betas and Gammas!  Thank you to all the other AHB teachers for assisting us during our conference periods. :)

We began our work on biographies and we are proud to say the students picked from a wide variety of scientists, so the discussions should be intense and extremely educational.

Our big project this week was to dissect a mushroom and the Deltas had a blast!  Check out the picks below….



Working as our scientists did we observed and tried to figure out as much as we could about our fungi, what stage of their fungi life cycle it was in and practiced diagramming and writing about our observations.

We then learned about the fungi life cycle, the largest living fungi in the world and did continua based math about fungi facts.

Delta emails were also distributed amist lots of squeals of delight that “now we’re like teenagers!”

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Joey and Kirsten