Delta week in review

Hi all,

We had a great week and are so glad to have Ruchi with us!

In math, we continued working on our math games, got most of them finished up and were able to play both the completed ones and Math Pentathlon! The kids really wowed the visiting parent tour on Wednesday with the professionalism and content of the games!

The Stock Market Game students did both a self reflective and group evaluation exercise after the 1st semester game ended last Friday at close of market.  Overall our three teams had strong showings for first time players – out of 64 teams we placed

[rescue_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]
17th, 19th and 46th

It was also wonderful for me to read the (confidential) evaluations and see fairly consistent assessments across the group.  The Spring semester game starts in February and teams will be reassembled into new configurations based on the student’s feedback.


In Theme we discussed the human life cycle and worked our way through giggles, gasps and a few good questions about our bodies and how they change. It was most helpful to be able to frame the discussion against the other life forms we have studied though even that did not prevent some kids from needing to close their eyes while I was talking!

Language Arts:  Another fun week of wrapping up our wonderful biographies!  The Delta writings have improved immensely and I think every parent will be extremely proud of the work their kids have created.  We are shooting for a lot of these to be completed by Monday, typed of course.  If you need more time then we have until Thursday for POP presentation.  Keep on working!

German was a blast again as we worked on including adjectives in basic introductions.  Oh course, we are still working on making everyone have fun during our sing-alongs!  Haha….

Keep up the great work everyone!




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