Delta Week 4!

Hi everyone!

We had an awesome time in our class this week. Our students are growing, and we are very proud of them!


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In Theme:

We learned all about galaxies and what’s inside them (eg, planets, stars, comets, meteoroids, etc.). On Monday, everybody brainstormed about what they thought galaxies contained, and by Wednesday we all knew so much more. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Deep Impact Experiment, where we were able to show the physical impact of meteoroids on earth. We used bowls full of flour to represent our planets, and potatoes to represent our meteoroids. Here are some pictures from the Experiment below!


image (1)image (2)


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We continued with our read-aloud of George’s Secret Key to the Universe; we are now halfway through the book, and everyone is excited to see what happens next! We also finished up learning all the Six Traits of Writing (see this great writeup for parents on the 6 Traits for more information), and are almost finished filling up our graphic organizers to outline our stories.  Once our narrative graphic organizers are complete we can begin to write our stories.  It is great to see our students seeing the value of learning how to write in the products they are creating!


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In Ms. Ruchi’s Math Group:

We learned about how to scale/resize numbers by fractional value, ultimately leading up to creating a blueprint of our classroom on Thursday. In the process of learning how to do this, we reviewed concepts we covered in previous weeks (including multiplying and dividing fractions, and comparing how big fractions are relative to one another). Everyone was happy to see the application of the concepts to creating a final product. We all look forward to digging into more about fractions next week!

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In Ms. Kirsten’s Bridging Math Group:

We practiced using drawing to solve multi-step word problems involving fractions, using letters to represent unknown values in equations with fractions (e.g.  10 – a = 6 1/2;  a = ?),  and assessing the reasonableness of our answers using number lines and cubic centimeters to test our answers.  For applied activities related to these objectives, we read Pat Hutchins book When the Doorbell Rang and for each pair of pages, mapped out the new fractional distribution of cookies that the characters were receiving (lots of fun!); spent a lot of time w/cubic centimeter blocks to ‘see’ and manipulate mixed numbers; and, lastly began a fractional word decoding mystery!  Huge progress made this week and even more wonderful to have the kids be able to articulate that themselves!

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In Ms. Kirsten’s Proficient/Connecting Math Group:

The Stranded!  teams continued in the Design and Research phase of their A Storm is Approaching!  challenge, guided by the wonderful Mr. Scott!  The scale models are beginning to be drawn out and materials readied to begin the building of our scale models.  Each model will have to withstand wind (fan) and rain (spray bottle) as well as space (can we all fit into it?) tests when complete!








Filed January 30th, 2015.