Delta Update…Week of December 1st

Well well well December is finally upon us and as we prepare for another wonderful POP here’s how things are shaping up.

Language Arts:  Worked on comparing and contrasting scientists.  It was interesting to see students reactions to things they found in common.

German language class was a blast as we learned numbers and simple introductions, oh and of course we had to sing!  Fun times…

Finally, we had a fun research project yesterday(see pics below) where students had to find an article in a current newspaper that reflected the contribution(s)  of their scientist in today’s world.  Lot of great responses and each student had to present to the class and have a short reflective Q and A.

Our biographies are coming along, keep up the great work!



In Theme we continued working on our Science Fair, CCA and independent projects – all work is coming along and thank you to all parents for supporting, encouraging and participating with (as needed) in the projects – the class has made  a lot of headway since the beginning of the quarter!

Math time included work on math games (can’t wait til everyone can play them! – maybe we can have a school wide game time?), life cycle math, the Stock Market Game, checkbooks and Math Pentathlon.

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On Wednesday our visiting guest teacher, Ms. Ruchi, talked about metric (SI) vs. customary (standard) measuring systems and did a couple fun activities with the class.   As of this writing, we are very happy to announce that she will be our 3rd Delta class co-teacher and starts Monday, December 8th!  Please join us in welcoming her to AHB!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Kirsten & Joey

Filed December 6th, 2014.