COVID-19 Response & 2021-22 School Year Plan

AHB is ready to meet the challenges of the unique year ahead, and limited space is still available in select classes for the 2021-22 school year. To learn more request a virtual tour.

The AHB Model

AHB has a progressive educational model, where social-emotional learning is prioritized right alongside high academic standards. Our small K-8 school has an already-established model that includes a low student-to-teacher ratio and condensed schedule. We are accustomed to getting a lot done in a short amount of time, and we know how to effectively partner with parents to support academic growth both in the classroom and at home. These aspects mean that our school has some unique advantages as we face the challenges of educating children during the pandemic.

Expectations for 2021-22 School Year

As we look forward to the 2021-22 school year, please know we are committed to providing an on-campus program next year, and we will continue to prioritize the integrity of our program and safety of our community in our decision-making.

What should we expect learning to look like at AHB next year?

  • On-campus learning will be prioritized for all classes in their core academic programs.

  • We are currently limiting enrollment so that we can bring all classes on campus while still maintaining physical distancing measures, if needed. Due to this, more spaces may open up this summer or mid-year if / when Covid conditions relax.
  • AHB classes might look different for a while.  We likely will still be masking. Students will likely eat lunch and have recess with their class cohorts. We may be doing more independent work and less collaborative group projects if we need to physically distance students. Our teachers have all summer to craft their AHB magic around these parameters, and we’re looking forward to learning on campus again!
  • Before and after-school care may be available on campus if safety-protocols allow.
  • No hybrid / virtual program will be offered for Alpha & Beta (grades K-3).

  • In addition to the choice for on-campus classes, a virtual or hybrid option may be available for grades 4-8.

  • Remote support will be offered to students in any class level who need to isolate or quarantine for limited times due to Covid, and we will remain ready to transition a class online if a classroom must quarantine, or if there is a public health recommendation to close schools.

  • We will follow and communicate Covid safety policies and procedures as designed by our Science-Medical Advisory Committee, based on current health recommendations and research.