Colorful Alphas

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**Alpha Color Projects & Links **

for PnP ideas for this week

 Upcoming Events

11.15.14-  BREWFEST!! (Bid high and often :) )

11.20.14-  Shipe Park Day

11.24.14- Start of Thanksgiving Break!

 our week was…an EXPLOSION of color…


in just 2 days! We’ve been learning about primary and secondary colors and how to mix them. Bridget came to Alpha on Thursday to demonstrate the science of blending colors.



transforming primary colors into secondary ones

ready to mix…

IMG_1219.JPG IMG_1221.JPG

Using our color mix charts to create the color magic we want in our illustration projects

IMG_1216.JPG IMG_1226.JPG

We continued our discussion of “value” as we talked about color.  We read “Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People,” and explored each of the illustrations to inspire us as we learned new ways to incorporate wax resist (with white crayons) and watercolors of a special time in our lives. We played with color intensity/value by adding or leaving out water.




Teacher’s Corner

Language Arts…

Some of us discovered what makes the letter “g” sound like a letter “j!” 


 It’s important to provide students with opportunities to find patterns and relationships on their own- but by setting up the lesson as an opportunity to practice their “de-coding” skills, students are raring to do the detective work!


The Fact Family Gauntlet has been thrown!  Alphas are beginning to work their way through their fact families. Fact families help students recognize relationships between numbers, this helps build computational fluency and will help build stamina.

We’ve learned 2 Math Pentathlon games now…Star Track & Hex-a-gon


“What do you know about codes?” Adding Art to STEM helps engineers problem-solve like an artist:


sweeping up…

Merci Beaucop to…

Gabi for her weekly wizardy transforming our end-of-week Alpha messes into a lovely ready-to-go-for-next-week room!

Jennifer for starting a weekly Handwriting Without Tears workshop in our classroom – we appreciate the years of expertise and practice she brings with her – thank you, too, for the cool mechanical pencils!

Hannah Guidry for coming every Tuesday to help in the afternoons

Angela for the fascinating links on color

Bridget for showing us the magic of mixing colors & for coordinating the Alpha Brewfest basket &

to all of the parents for contributing!

Everyone who made our Teacher Appreciation so special including Don Juan below ~ who says this is one good way of giving flowers :)


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