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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Q2

Subject:  Math

I choose Ty’s math game on which involves learning, knowing and comparing the molecular weights of different substances which he got inspired to create after learning about his scientist.

This work shows that Ty is creative and is willing to apply his learning to new topics/projects.  I am very impressed with the idea of the game, the math involved and the research Ty has done to create it!

I look forward seeing what Ty does in the upcoming secon semester – he has set the bar high this first one!

Filed December 14th, 2014.

Q1 Student Portfolio Selection

Oct 7, 2014

Work selected:  Tooth-pick Templo Mayor

I choose this piece because I really liked building it and I think it’s pretty impressive.

This piece demonstrates that I have learned about scaling and the Aztecs.

I would like to learn more about different formulas.

Filed November 28th, 2014.