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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Subject:  Math

I choose Theo’s work and participation in his Stock Market Game team

I chose this because Theo showed such tremendous growth since the beginning of the semester to the end of the game, worked collaboratively with his father on the PnP, and was able to apply his math skills to analysis.  It was wonderful to see the shift from the beginning of the year when he was unfamiliar with all the SMG terms, rules, and concepts.

I hope Theo continues SMG in the Spring!


Filed December 14th, 2014.

Parent Selection for Q1 Delta Class, MYP

My selection for Theo this quarter are his recent accomplishments with acting. He has been interested in acting for years and loves being on stage and performing. He has been in the Paramount Theater Summer Camp for several years and has learned a lot about acting, singing, and dancing from the teachers there. He has also taken classes at Zach Scott performing arts school in acting and improv.


PPC: Most recently (this September), Theo auditioned for a Pre-Professional Group at Zach and got in! About 200 kids auditioned (singing and reading a monologue) and 25 were selected for his group. He will learn acting, singing and dancing during his 3 hour class each week. At the end of the 9 months of training the kids will do a big show. Very exciting!


Cast in The Christmas Carol: The really BIG news is that Theo also auditioned for The Christmas Carol and was cast as Young Scrooge. He will also be in the youth ensemble singing. His time commitment is huge as the rehearsals and shows are many (all of November and December). There is just a single cast so each week they will do 8 performances, about 35 shows in total. So if you decide to see The Christmas Carol at Zach Scott Theater this holiday season, look for Theo and enjoy the show!!


Audrey & David Richard

Filed November 29th, 2014.

Q1 Student Portfolio Selection

Oct 7, 2014

Work selected:  Patolli Board Game

I choose this piece because it shows my ability to use art in a way that is a certain theme.

This piece demonstrates that I have learned how to be creative, artistic, and elaborate.

I would like to learn more about using abstract art to describe my feelings and emotions.

Filed November 28th, 2014.