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Teacher Portfolio selection – Fall 2014

Work:  Max’s extra math work

I chose this because Max is both very proud of and skilled at the additional math (especially logarithms) he is learning from his parents which is outside our continua objectives.

I love that he is excited, self driven to excel and does not confine himself to a prescribed path.

I hope that Max both continues to pursue his interests and to get the outstanding support he enjoys from his parents.


Filed December 11th, 2014.

Parent Portfolio selection for Fall Semester 2014

Work selected: Greek Language class achievements

I chose this piece because Max just got moved up to the next level of Greek language class.  He has demonstrated skill at writing, reading, speaking & comprehending the language.

I can’t wait to go to Greece and hear Max speak Greek!

Filed December 11th, 2014.

Q1 Student Portfolio Selection

Oct 7, 2014

Work selected: Math art

I choose this piece because it shows I am smart in math.

This piece demonstrates that I have learned equations with one variable, decimal division and negative exponents.

I would like to learn more about equations with one variable.

Filed November 28th, 2014.