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Q1 Portfolio Selection-Evan

I chose my DECIMAL MATH SHEET because I am proud of my and I worked hard on it.

This piece demonstrates that I have learned decimal division.

I would like to learn more about division(dividing with fractions).


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Q1 Portfolio Selection-Lily

I chose my SUGAR CUBE PYRAMID because it shows my knowledge of finding area along with theme.

This piece demonstrates I have learned to find the area.

I would like to learn more about volume and formula.


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Q1 Portfolio Selection-Dominic

I choose my FLASH CARDS because I feel really proud of my work and I put a lot of effort into it.  I think it’s the best work I’ve done.

My piece demonstrates I have learned my twelve.

I would like to learn more about divisibility laws.


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Deltas…week of Nov 17th

Happy Friday Deltas!

We had another exciting week and are getting really pumped up for CCA, Science Fair and Biographies.

Language Arts:  Please continue to follow your outline which was given to you at the beginning of the Quarter.  This will help you take notes and form the basis for your biography.  You should be doing edits, fact checking, citing sources and hopefully typing.  From what we have seen everyone is doing a great job!

Also, if you have a book from a public library do not forget to recheck them…I tend to forget to do that myself.

For our German students, we had a blast learning about proper use of articles and structuring sentences and even learned a bit of a song.

Finally we worked on acrostic poetry(about your scientist) and learned how to paraphrase.

In math we worked on our (continua level specific) fungi, bacteria, and virus math, and worked on logic problems, checkbooks, and Math Pentathlon games.

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Week of November 10, 2014

We continued our discussion and learning of various forms of life cycles this week with looking a viral ‘life cycles’ or perhaps more accurately, how they affect the life cycles of other life forms.


Students did a terrific job w/comparing and contrasting life cycle forms learned to date using venn diagrams, charts and diagrams.  We then viewed images of various fungi, bacterium and virus and made 3D models in play dough and cloth – please come see all the amazing work in our classroom!  And we have the cutest salmonella pillows every made!


Science Fair students are moving from Question, Problem and Purpose to Hypothesis and Prediction – we work as a team to help refine and revise our wording – and the kids are getting great at helping each other!   Projects include monitoring and influencing fish behavior, building an electricity finding robot, analyzing Scratch code, dew traps, most effective cat toys, understanding the behavior of yeast and more!


CCA students pooled their identified community problems and formed several groups (and 2 new independent studies students!) to address water conservation, energy for events (like Fun Fun Fun Fest), and helping people remember when they need to get off public transportation (so they don’t forget their stop).


In a new twist for the quarter, we have begun have Logic Thursdays (along with our normal Thursday checkbooks, Math Pentathlon, and Looking Good) and the Delta kids are * loving* it.  Try the following and check w/your Delta to see if you get it correct (have fun!):

[rescue_highlight color=”yellow”]Make the following statement true with one line only:  10  10  11  =  10 : 50[/rescue_highlight]


In math, we are (depending on continua level) learning to use protractors, metric vs  customary, factoring, expanding, multiplying and dividing, exponential growth, new vocabulary, and the algebra of cutting cakes.

In Language Arts we focused on our biographies and Acrostic poems.  We had a blast and are amazed at the independent research that each student is producing.  Keep up the great work.   We now enter the final phase of rough drafts and begin the editing phase, so be prepared!  Our discussions have been wonderful and extremely fulfilling.  Each scientist has made great contributions to society and we are proud that every Delta has taken careful notes and contributed to our class discussions.  Yay science!

More pics to come and Happy Fall Weather!


IMG_4388Making mazes…

And photos from our cheese and yogurt making last week –


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Deltas making Cheese & Yogurt Yumminess

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We continued our exploration of various life forms and their life cycles this week by learning about bacteria.  We learned the life cycle of a bacteria and compared and contrasted it to the life cycle of fungi (learned last week) and had an amazing whole class discussion about which life cycle (fungi or bacterial) most closely matched with ours.  The kids eventually came to the conclusion that looking at life cycles, we were most closely matched with fungi, that an umbilical cord could be considered a root, and that within our life cycle systems we more closely resembled the bacterial life cycle.  An excellent conversation and sharing of ideas and excitement.

Following the note taking, diagramming and discussion, we decided as a class to make both yogurt and mozzarella cheese using ‘beneficial’ bacteria.  Our bacterium  were acidophilus for the yogurt and rennet for the cheese.  The class self divided (can you say binary fission?)  into two groups (the yogurts and the ‘Cheesy Jokes’) to make their concoctions.  The Yogurts first worked on defining a Question, Problem or Purpose to their task, then a Hypothesis or Prediction, and finally a plan which was executed in the kitchen by the Community Hall.  The Cheesy Jokes group went straight to making mozzarella after devising a way to equally square all 7 steps of cheese making among themselves equally.

IMG_4347 IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4372 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382

Results?  Check w/your Delta, but as an official taste taster – I would say fantastic!  Mr. J says “a bit salty for the first one (cheese), but good for the other!”

In math, we continued work on our Fungi math, added Bacteria math (each continua level specific), the Stock Market Game and for the non-Stock Market Gamers we began to explore the value in and excitement of factoring.

In Language Arts we had some extremely interesting conversations regarding our biographies.  We love the fact that our Deltas are getting so involved in independent research.  They have begun writing and taking some serious notes!  We focused on writing about the early life of our scientists and researching the adult life and what was their biggest influences.  Keep up the great work.   We are also working on expanding our reading and writing to be more exciting and encouraging everyone to use a wide variety of sources in their research.  Remember, a thesaurus can be your best friend!

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy this beautiful fall weekend!


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This week we had study hall at Greenlights, followed by a field trip to the Austin Nature & Science Center.

[rescue_tab title=”Progressive Education Musings”]
A few months ago, Scott sent out several excellent resources to help clarify and provide vocabulary for discussing Progressive Education.  The first item on one of those resources is that Progressive Education is one in which the lines between home and school are erased and become intertwined – echoing the AHB Mission statement.  We are not alone in trying to remove these barriers and the following article forwarded to me by NCTM addresses it (math specifically, but it applies to all subjects)

Happy reading and we would love to hear what you think!


Deltas are back!

Hello Delta Family!,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break.  It was much needed and well deserved.  Of course our first week back was very short but we accomplished a lot.  The Parent Conferences were great and informative, showing the progress and depth of education for each child.

Also, from the response the Deltas had a blast working with the Alphas, Betas and Gammas!  Thank you to all the other AHB teachers for assisting us during our conference periods. :)

We began our work on biographies and we are proud to say the students picked from a wide variety of scientists, so the discussions should be intense and extremely educational.

Our big project this week was to dissect a mushroom and the Deltas had a blast!  Check out the picks below….



Working as our scientists did we observed and tried to figure out as much as we could about our fungi, what stage of their fungi life cycle it was in and practiced diagramming and writing about our observations.

We then learned about the fungi life cycle, the largest living fungi in the world and did continua based math about fungi facts.

Delta emails were also distributed amist lots of squeals of delight that “now we’re like teenagers!”

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Joey and Kirsten

Delta Delta Delta, How Can I Help Ya?!

What a wonderful way to end the Quarter!  What a blast and the Deltas could not be happier with the turnout.  Thanks to everyone who pitched in, participated, volunteered and just was a great parent to the class!

Ms. K and I are extremely pleased with the Check In results for both Math and Language Arts and we will share these with you during Parent Conferences.

Keeping it short and simple, here are some photos from the week…

.WIN_20141016_105022 WIN_20141015_100355 WIN_20141015_100330 WIN_20141015_100312 WIN_20141015_120542 WIN_20141015_120731

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