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Parent Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Subject/area of interest:  Scouts

I/we chose this example of my child’s learning because.. We are very proud of the writing and math Ben enthusiastically does both inside and outside of school. We are proud of how he likes to challenge himself academically.  However, scouts is something not represented by school that it a very important part of his whole-child education. It has fostered his leadership skills, his teaching skills, his survival skills, and his independence. It has also greatly improved his physical stamina, and it encourages important personal qualities like loyalty, trustworthiness, and tenacity.

What our/my child learned/demonstrated doing this is.. Ben was one of only 2 boys in his den who was able to carry his 20 pound backpack on the entirety of a 6-mile hike into an overnight camping area. Ben now knows how to start a fire without matches or a lighter, and he can build himself shelter from the rain using nature’s supplies.  Ben knows how to cook over a campfire, and through other methods like hot rocks. He knows basic first aid and has even helped apply first aid to a friend. Ben leads his other friends on hikes without adult supervision.

What I/we would like/hope for my child to learn more about this subject/activity is..We hope Ben continues to grow in his leadership, teaching, wilderness, and survival skills. We hope he continues to develop the loyalty, trustworthiness, tenacity and bravery as to which we are so proud.

FrictionFire Backpack6Miler ShelterShelter FrictionFire Backpack6Miler

Filed December 17th, 2014.

Q1-Portfolio Selection-Ben

I chose SPACE MATH because I can now do very hard math.

This piece demonstrates how to do very hard math.

I would like to learn more about harder math.


Filed November 24th, 2014.