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Teacher Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Subject:  Math

I chose Lukas’ rap because it never fails to make me smile and it demonstrates creativity and humor in learning math facts.

I hope Lukas continues to explore non-traditional ways to show mastery of topics!

Enjoy the listen:

Filed December 11th, 2014.

Teacher Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

Work selected:  Science Fair project w/Rodrigo the cat

I chose Maria’s Science Fair project which tested which type of toy her cat, Rodrigo, responded to the most.

Maria’s work on this project demonstrates her ability to follow directions, explore a topic of interest to her and receive feedback in a group setting.  Her results showed something different than her hypothesis which really surprised her and her narrative about her data and observations was outstanding!

I hope Maria continues her love and learning of all things cats – she has a true interest in and passion for them!

Filed December 11th, 2014.

Parent Portfolio Selection – Fall 2014

I am selecting the personal narrative that Maria is working on for Monday.
I chose this example because it shows Maria’s creativity and skill as a writer.
Maria demonstrated her ability to weave facts about the Maya into an engaging and coherent piece of fiction.
I would like Maria to continue to hone her craft and to experiment with different genres.

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Parent Portfolio Selection Fall 2014

For Lily’s portfolio I picked the dance the girls did for ancient civilizations. I chose this because it allowed Lily to express both her creative and organizational abilities. I think this activity allowed her to grow her leadership skills, but also her skills related to compromise and conflict resolution. I hope the kids, not just the girls have more opportunities for group projects, as they are an inevitable part of both the academic and professional world and being a good team player is critical for success.

Q1 portfolio pick – – AHB Community School Mail

Filed December 11th, 2014.

Fall 2014 Teacher Portfolio Selection

Subject:  Math/Stock Market Game

I chose this for Sammy because he was very nervous about his ability to understand and play the Stock Market in September but evolved into a competent team member by the end of the game in early December!

This demonstrates that Sammy can study and pass exams (the Stock Market Game rules) as well as do math that is applied and challenging in terms of understanding vocabulary and procedure.

I hope Sammy can grow into his confidence and continue to explore topics that he is wondering about (e.g. bonds, mutual funds)!

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Teacher Portfolio selection Fall 2014

Subject:  Math/Logic

I chose Reid’s work, enthusiasm, ability and perseverance in doing daily logic problems during Q2.

His work shows superb out of the box thinking, creativity, integrity and sense of humor.

I hope Reid continues to reign as the “Logic King in Delta” and continues to take leadership in the class in creative thinking approaches!

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Teacher Portfolio Selection Fall 2014

Work selected:  Science Fair project

I chose this piece because Lily had an outstanding idea (if her Beta fish could be trained to not react when he viewed himself in the mirror), executed it beautifully and was extremely mature and receptive to feedback throughout the process.

This project shows Lily can follow directions, modify her work after feedback, and has excellent and interesting questions about animal/fish behavior.

I hope Lily continues to explore her interest in animal behavior – what a great and fascinating field!

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Teacher Portfolio Selection for Fall 2014

Work Selected:  Mia’s Math Game

I chose Mia’s math game because it was clear that tremendous time, effort and creativity that went into making it.

This shows that Mia can use a provided rubric to design and evaluate her own work, that she is creative and careful in her work.   She wowed the entire class with her efforts!

I am honored to know Mia and hope that she can continue to flourish and grow as she has this Fall.


Filed December 11th, 2014.