Alpha Times Herald 12.15.14

POP Go The Alphas!

Our week started with a bang…

The Alpha class worked hard to get their Portfolios on Parade ready to share and had a great time visiting all the other classes too.  It’s always inspiring to see what everyone has been up to all semester.

The Beta, Gamma and Deltas share their journeys with us…

Our first foray into POP was with the Beta class…It was really fun to see what our former students were learning.  They made amazing dioramas about life on the frontier, they learned a lot about different Indian nations and were great hosts to our class!


This docent knew a lot about Indian blankets!


The Gammas’ readers theatre performance held the Alpha’s rapt attention…


Alphas enjoyed the scientist-biography puppet show that some of the Deltas created!

 Our POP…


the author shares her writing…


Sculptures galore!


Checking out a colleague’s parent-pick…

We were blown away by our students this semester and love the new format of our portfolios.  It was gratifying to see all their hard work memorialized and even more gratifying for the students to have a day set aside in which to share their efforts with friends and family.  The Alphas were impressed seeing all their work hanging in the community hall.  It has inspired them to push their creativity to new levels next quarter!

Game Day!

How much fun can one class have?!

Game Day is one of our students’ favorite traditions. They love sharing things from home and it gives them the opportunity to be an expert and teach their friends how to play.


Pajama Day!

Just like how most slumber parties, not much in the way of slumber happened!  The Alphas were wide awake and rarin’ to go!






As we wind down 2014…

We want you to know how much we have appreciated your generous contributions to our class and all the hard work you have done to nurture your child’s academic progress.  POP is a great reminder to all of us of what amazing good we can do together when we each play our part.  Thank you all so much- 2014 has been a great year, we can’t WAIT for 2015!!


With warmest regards,

Eliza and Kim

Dates to Remember…

  • Winter Break: 12.18-1.6
  • Progress Reports available: 1.5
  • Mid-Year Survey Opens 1.5
  • Civil Rights Week: 1.12-1.16
  • Martin Luther King Day 1.19 (no Monday Classes)

Filed December 22nd, 2014.