Alpha Journal January 6-8


Our artists continue to awe us with their creativity. Our Q3 warm and cool color self portraits

Water, water Everywhere!

This week we began our study of oceans by just exploring the properties of water. We talked about water as a precious resource, conducted experiments about different states of water, the water cycle, and how our human presence affects the earth’s water.

One team experiment was to create a place where land and water meet ~ some chose to make islands, others beaches and one team made a river.



After we created our land water sites we added “dwellings” (legos) and then sprinkled around waste. We then made rain to observe what would happen to the waste that was on the land….it ended up in the….water. This lead to our conversations about how to keep our waterways healthy.


We created splishy, splashy, wavy, drippy, wet water poems



We actively became water in a performance piece about how a small drop of water becomes a cloud


starting out as a drop…




gathering together to form a rain cloud.

Team Challenge

This week’s team challenge was to figure out how to draw 4 self-portraits on one piece of paper in…2 minutes!

sky blue table20150106_105129

20150106_105159_HDRgreen table

Even getting the final 4-way Self Portrait back to circle for Reflection was a collaborative effort!



If your child wants to register for the Math Pentathlon Meet do so NOW!

We investigated coin money, began a deeper study of story problems, learned strategies to help one another read when being a reading partner, and short a vowels and c-v-c-e words.

20150107_10464320150107_10465020150107_104738 20150106_102053_HDR      20150108_10095220150108_110914

monkeybars backwards

Estee going backward on the Monkey Bars!


A read aloud of “Kitten’s First Full Moon” by Marley


Class X-tra Helper, Jack, pulls the Choosing Stones for community sharing


A parliament of Owls!

Dates to Remember…

  • January 13 – Mid-Year Survey Closes 1.13
  • January 12-15 – Civil/Human Rights Week
  • January 19 – Martin Luther King Day (no Monday Classes)
  • January 22 – Shipe Park Day
  • January 24 – Skate Party at Playland Skate
  • January 29 – Spring Parent Night

Merci Beaucoup

  • to Gabriel for her on-going librarian services to keep fresh books and stories available for our Alphas!
  • Gabi for Thursday clean-ups – lots of sand this week wasn’t there, Gabi?!
  • All of the wonderful support creating our Alpha’s owls and books – they were amazing & they’re so proud of them!


Filed January 9th, 2015.